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You have accessed the home page of Devenia, your home for search engine optimization in Ukriane and internet marketing in Ukraine!  With the services of Devenia by your side, your business will quickly move past the competition as you engage in strategies for SEO in Ukraine.  Following are some of the observations Devenia has made regarding search engine optimization in Ukraine.

Search Engine Optimization in Ukraine and Social Media

While imprecise, usage of social media in any strategy for search engine optimization in Ukraine is a necessary tactic.  Global trends do exist, but companies that focus more time on researching each individual country will experience higher levels of success.  In Ukraine, for example, Vkontakte is the second-leading social networking site, capturing a market share of 34.48% of social media traffic, compared to Facebook’s 42.41%.  Launched during the spring of 2011 in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine, this social media outlet is giving major competition to Facebook in nations where Russian is a common language.  Eerily similar to Facebook, but with some noticeable differences such as the ability to share large files, Vkontakte is already ranked in the top 50 of Alexa’s global top 500 websites.  Companies focusing on SEO in Ukraine and internet marketing in Ukraine need to keep this in mind as they refine their strategies for search engine optimization in Ukraine.

Mobile Searching and SEO in Ukraine

Mobile searching in Ukraine also has a somewhat unique bent.  Google, as is the case with the rest of the world, maintains the majority share of search traffic at 88.56%.  However, one interesting aspect of mobile searching is that Yandex, a regional search provider, captures a market share of 11.05%.  This is particularly interesting because in no other country have we seen another search engine (Bing, Yahoo!, and Ask Jeeves) take more than a 5% market share of search traffic.  In Ukraine, none of these three other search engines are able to capture even more than a .01% market share of search traffic.  Even though Yandex currently holds an 11.05% market share of all Ukrainian search traffic, its market share has been diminishing since a peak of 18.87% in March 2011.  Nonetheless, companies engaging in search engine optimization in Ukraine and internet marketing in Ukraine will greatly benefit from this knowledge.

Internet Marketing in Ukraine Tip:  In terms of referral traffic, Digg is getting absolutely crushed by reddit.  “Referral traffic” means the total amount of traffic sent to other sites by either Digg or reddit.  One year ago, reddit was keeping a strong grasp on things, referring 73.8% compared to Digg’s 26.2%. Now, that number has escalated to 89.66% for reddit and 10.34% for Digg!  Companies will want to keep this stat in mind as they purse internet marketing in Ukraine.

The Bottom Line Regarding SEO in Ukraine

The bottom line regarding search engine optimization in Ukraine is that it has its own unique aspects that require the services of an experienced firm like Devenia.  If you are considering SEO in Ukraine or internet marketing in Ukraine, give Devenia a call so we can help make your strategy a worthwhile one!

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