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Devenia is your leader for search engine optimization in Turkey and internet marketing in Turkey!  At Devenia, we have experienced professionals who are ready, willing, and able to meet your needs for SEO in Turkey.  From SEO to PPC management to SEM and reputation management, our firm contains the full range of services your business may require to create an effective strategy for SEO in Turkey.

Some Observations Regarding Turkey and User Browser Preference

Every country in Europe, it seems, has some sort of peculiarity that distinguishes it from the overall trends in Europe, and Turkey is no exception.  Worldwide, Internet Explorer is the dominant browser, capturing a market share of 41.66% of all browser usage.  However, in Turkey, Internet Explorer has a substantially stronger preference, capturing a 54.85% market share of browser usage.  Companies preparing a strategy for internet marketing in Turkey and search engine optimization in Turkey will want to keep this fact in mind as they begin their respective campaigns.  Another interesting trend regarding internet marketing in Turkey is that Google Chrome is the second most popular browser, capturing a market share of 27.95%, compared to Firefox’s 15.86%.  On a worldwide basis, Firefox holds a market share of 26.79%, compared to Google Chrome’s market share of 23.61%.  While Firefox remains the world’s second leading browser, its market share is declining in comparison to Chrome, and we may see in the very near future that the rest of the world will follow Turkey’s trend.  Businesses must remain aware of user browser preferences as they engage in internet marketing in Turkey and SEO in Turkey.

Internet Marketing and Turkish Social Media Usage

On a worldwide basis, Facebook has been losing its market share of traffic to the likes of StumbleUpon, YouTube, and Twitter.  In Turkey, however, we are not witnessing this trend.  Facebook is maintaining a very strong market share of social media traffic, weighing in at 90.71%!  Twitter comes in at 4.53%, but none of the other major social media outlets has more than a 2.48% market share of traffic.  For whatever reason, Turkish users prefer Facebook to any other form of social media.  Companies who engage in internet marketing in Turkey and search engine optimization in Turkey are now better prepared as they begin their respective strategies.

Internet Marketing in Turkey Tip:  Worldwide, Opera is the most popular browser for mobile devices, capturing a market share of 22.45%.  However, in Turkey, Nokia’s browser is the leader, capturing a market share of 32.16% to 27.58% for Opera.  The iPhone’s Safari browser is in a distant third at 16.66%, while Google’s Android is quickly gaining market share and is currently standing at 14.4%.

The Bottom Line Regarding SEO in Turkey

As you can see, SEO in Turkey and internet marketing in Turkey each have their own nuances which distinguish Turkey from Europe and the rest of the world.  With so many changes and so much difference between each nation, it is wise to seek the assistance of an experienced and helpful firm such as Devenia.

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