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You have discovered a path to Devenia, the leader for SEO in the Netherlands and internet marketing in the Netherlands!  Devenia is a globally-operated SEO firm, with offices already established in places such as the United States, United Kingdom, Egypt, and Hong Kong!  With the help of Devenia, your company will find and maintain its hold on high search engine rankings!

A Little More about Devenia and SEO in the Netherlands

At Devenia, we believe that we are in fact the top firm for search engine optimization in the Netherlands and internet marketing in the Netherlands, and we’ll be happy to tell you why.  First, we have an incredibly thorough and ever-present team in place to research all the latest changes in search engine algorithms.  We focus on improving your website’s Google rankings, as Yahoo and Bing will follow.  We develop and maintain a thorough knowledge base of appropriate keywords for your site, and then apply them effectively to your business’s products and services.  With this in mind, you can relax, knowing that Devenia is here to help you create a masterful and effective internet marketing in the Netherlands strategy.  Once your strategy has been masterfully implemented by our experienced team, you’ll notice a boost to your rankings in the search engines in no time at all.  Businesses interested in search engine optimization in the Netherlands and internet marketing in the Netherlands will only find success when working with Devenia.

Social Media and SEO in the Netherlands

Search engine optimization in the Netherlands has a strong relationship with the social media.  We have observed a number of very different, and fascinating, trends in Europe.  One general trend is that Facebook’s market share of social media traffic seems to be weakening in most countries.  In the Netherlands, Facebook currently holds a 47.74% market share of all social media traffic, down from a peak of 66.72% just four months ago.  What is helping to foster this decline?  All other major social media outlets in the Netherlands (Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Hyves, reddit, and LinkedIn) are each increasing their own respective market shares, although not enough to pose a major threat to Facebook.  Tied for second place are Hyves and Stumbleupon, both with a market share of 15.91% of traffic.  Typically, we do not see country-specific social networking sites like Hyves grab such a large market share of traffic.  Companies embarking upon SEO in the Netherlands and internet marketing in the Netherlands will want to keep this fact in mind.

The Bottom Line on SEO in the Netherlands

Internet marketing in the Netherlands and SEO in the Netherlands are both difficult tasks to master, but with a global company like Devenia at your side, you’ll have no problem maintaining high search engine rankings.  Our internet marketing in the Netherlands and SEO in the Netherlands strategies are second to none, and you’ll surely be satisfied!

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