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You have found the web page of Devenia, one of the leaders in search engine optimization in Sweden.  Our services currently span the globe, and we are looking to expand our presence in Sweden.  We are particularly interested in search engine optimization in Sweden because of the higher standard of living in Sweden and Scandinavia.  We believe that because of this higher standard of living, there may be a higher demand for internet marketing in Sweden and SEO in Sweden.

One interesting tip on Search Engine Optimization in Sweden: 

As with most countries around the world, the vast majority of SEO in Sweden should be focused on a quality desktop user experience.  Currently in Sweden, 95.76% of all searches performed in the past year were done on a desktop computer.  This compares to a miniscule 4.24% of all searches being performed on a mobile device.  While it may be tempting to focus search engine optimization in Sweden on mobile devices, the market share of searches on mobile devices has grown from 1.78% to 4.24% in the past year.  Internet marketing in Sweden will no doubt have an increase in regard to mobile devices, however, the trend is simply not strong enough to warrant significant attention.

 Other Interesting Information Regarding Search Engine Optimization in Sweden

Sweden, like the rest of the Scandinavian market, appears to modernize at a faster rate than the rest of the world, possibly even faster than the United States of America.  Windows 7 accounts for about 44.35% of all operating systems in Sweden, compared to 38.35% for the United States, and 37.68% worldwide.  We are not sure, although it does seem reasonable, to infer that the same applies to internet marketing in Sweden and also to search engine optimization in Sweden.  Although it was mentioned earlier that mobile browsing accounts for just a small percentage of search engine traffic, there is one fairly significant fact regarding mobile browsing in Sweden.  In Sweden, 58.07% of all mobile device searches in the past year were performed on an iPhone, which is by far the largest market share.  The largest worldwide market share of search engine traffic, however, belongs to Opera at 21.61%.  On a worldwide basis, the iPhone comes in fourth place for search engine traffic, with a market share of 14.91%.  SEO in Sweden is clearly a niche of its own, and businesses interested in SEO in Sweden will be better prepared with knowledge of this fact.

Browsers and Internet Marketing in Sweden

In regard to user’s browser preference, internet marketing in Sweden should be approached similar to that of the rest of the world.  Internet Explorer is the dominant browser by far worldwide and in Sweden, maintaining a 42% market share.  In both the worldwide and Swedish market, Firefox has been losing market share, declining from about 31% to 26% in both markets.  Google Chrome is quickly on the rise, doubling its market share from about 11% to 22% in the past year in both markets.  The future of SEO in Sweden and internet marketing in Sweden will be interesting to watch.

A Final Word about SEO in Sweden

Finally, keep in mind that Devenia is a large and established SEO firm with offices worldwide.  We believe that we have positioned ourselves to continue to be a leader in SEO in Sweden and internet marketing in Sweden.

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