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What we Have Learned Regarding Search Engine Optimization in Poland

SEO in Poland, as is the case anywhere, is a quickly changing game, and businesses engaging in internet marketing in Poland need to keep this fact in mind as they pursue search engine optimization in Poland.   One piece of evidence that supports this fact is that in February of 2011, Firefox 3.6 accounted for 44.04% of all users’ browsers, which was by far the largest market share at the time.  However, just six months later in August of 2011, Firefox 5.0 maintained the largest market share of all browsers at 18.62%, just barely eclipsing Firefox 3.6’s market share of 15.64%.

Another piece of evidence demonstrating how quickly search engine optimization in Poland and internet marketing in Poland can change is the results of competition between 2 prominent social media players Digg and reddit.  During August of 2010 the two competitors held nearly even market shares, with Digg holding 46.8% of referral traffic compared to reddit’s 53.2%.  One year later in August of 2011, reddit increased its share of referral traffic to 88.39% compared to 11.61% for Digg.  The point is that SEO in Poland can change dramatically and quickly with very little notice.

Details Regarding Google Search Engine Optimization in Poland

Unsurprisingly, Google maintains a stranglehold on SEO in Poland, although this effect is not as pronounced as it is when viewed on a worldwide basis.  In Poland, Google maintains a 97.82% market share of search traffic, compared to 90.92% worldwide.  Everyone knows it is important to focus on Google rankings to increase business, however, businesses pursuing search engine optimization in Poland should keep an even tighter focus on Google.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization in Poland

SEO in Poland, again much like the rest of the world, should be based on the fact that desktop searching accounts for the vast majority of searches.  Mobile searches (7.12% of all searches) are just a small part of all searches, and this compares to desktop searching, which accounts for 92.88% of all searches.

Users’ choice of operating system, again much like the rest of the world, is dominated by Windows XP, which maintains a market share of 50.52%.  Windows 7 comes in second place, with a market share of 32.33%.  Windows 7 is quickly closing the gap, however, as it has more than doubled its market share of desktop operating systems from 16.01% just one year go.  In comparison, Windows XP held a market share of 63.48% one year ago.

The Final Word Regarding SEO in Poland

The final word regarding search engine optimization in Poland is that the game of SEO in Poland is changing quickly, and in order to succeed in such a competitive and quickly changing market, you need the services of Devenia, an internet marketing leader in Poland!

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