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At Devenia, we have globally-based offices in locations such as the United Kingdom, Greece, and Hong Kong.  With 10 locations worldwide, we have extensive access to resources and personal connections that few other SEO firms can offer.  With resources like these, we can handle any situation in any market.  If you’re looking for search engine optimization in Montenegro or internet marketing in Montenegro, you’ve found the right place!

Why Should my Company be Interested in Internet Marketing in Montenegro or SEO in Montenegro?

There are many answers to this question, the first of which is, “Because it can increase your sales dramatically in a relatively short period of time!”  Any strategy for SEO in Montenegro has the potential to take a small business from small to large in just the matter of a few months.  A second reason businesses will want to pursue search engine optimization in Montenegro and internet marketing in Montenegro is that every other business is already doing it.  In a marketplace that is becoming increasingly global, it is important to keep ahead of the competition by engaging in the right strategies for search engine optimization in Montenegro.

What can Devenia tell me about SEO in Montenegro and the Social Media?

At Devenia, we are constantly monitoring all the latest trends to help your business keep ahead of the competition.  In Europe, we have noted that each country seems to have its own unique nuances in terms of user social media preference.  Montenegro is somewhat different than the norm in that it has a very strong preference for Facebook, as is evidenced by Facebook’s 87.45% market share of all social media traffic.  We have noticed that Facebook is typically the leader in most countries, however, Ireland prefers StumbleUpon to Facebook, and in many countries we have noticed that Facebook’s market share of traffic is on a noticeable downward trend.  In Montenegro, however, Facebook’s market share of traffic has remained quite stable in the past year.  For businesses engaging in internet marketing in Montenegro and search engine optimization in Montenegro, this is invaluable information.

User Browser Preference and Internet Marketing in Montenegro

Montenegro is also somewhat different from the norm in terms of its browser preference.  Across Europe, Internet Explorer remains the overall favorite browser, but in Montenegro, user’s prefer Google Chrome, as it captures a market share of 41.58%.  Firefox comes in second place, with a 33.44% market share, compared to Internet Explorer’s 17.84% market share.  Companies engaging in internet marketing in Montenegro and SEO in Montenegro as they pursue excellence in search engine optimization in Montenegro.

The Bottom Line Regarding SEO in Montenegro

Montenegro represents a unique proposition, as do most European nations.  If businesses want to remain competitive in today’s global marketplace, they need the assistance of an experienced and talented firm like Devenia as they pursue search engine optimization in Montenegro.

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