SEO & Internet Marketing in Luxembourg

A closer look at SEO and Internet Marketing in Luxembourg. Get the facts and numbers so you can make an informed decision how to approach this market.

How To get More Customers in Luxembourg from Internet

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Devenia believes in assisting each and every one of our clients to the best of our ability, regardless of budget size.  Internet marketing in Luxembourg is one of our specialties.  Our staff works with clients across the globe, with extensive research and knowledge available to every one of our SEO clients targeting the Luxembourg market.

Some interesting facts about Internet Marketing in Luxembourg

Internet marketing in Luxembourg, represents an interesting proposition.  What we are aware of regarding internet marketing in Luxembourg is Facebook’s continued domination of social media traffic, as it captures a 60.46% market share of all social media traffic.  This same trend exists worldwide, although in a handful of nations, such as Ireland, StumbleUpon has actually surpassed Facebook as the social media leader.  On a worldwide basis, StumbleUpon maintains a strong grasp as the second leading social media site, capturing a market share of 25.66%, compared to YouTube’s 5.01%.  Interestingly, the reverse of this phenomena is true in Luxembourg.  YouTube captures a market share of 15.79% of social media traffic, compared to 12.33% for StumbleUpon.  At Devenia, it is our job to monitor these trends regarding SEO in Luxembourg and internet marketing in Luxembourg so that companies can focus on other essential tasks.

Google's Dominance of SEO in Luxembourg

Everyone knows that Google dominates all desktop and mobile search traffic, but how strong is that domination, and what can companies interested in search engine optimization in Luxembourg and internet marketing in Luxembourg learn from it?  

In Luxembourg, 95.24% of all searches are performed on Google, compared to 90.84% worldwide, so the anticipated trend is a little stronger in Luxembourg.  

At the global level, 97.43% of all mobile searches are performed on Google, with 99.5% of all mobile searches in Luxembourg being performed on Google!  None of the other search engines – Yahoo!, Bing, or Ask Jeeves, comes even close to touching Google’s strong grasp on search engine traffic.  

Additionally, if a site ranks highly on Google, it will typically also rank highly on Bing and Yahoo!  Companies interested in search engine optimization in Luxembourg and internet marketing in Luxembourg will now have greater awareness of Google’s importance in their SEO in Luxembourg strategy.

SEO in Luxembourg Tip

As with most other European nations, Windows 10 has recently surpassed Windows 7 as the leading OS, capturing a market share of 36.72% compared to 26.98% for Windows 7.  While this seems to be a rather obvious observation, this event has not yet occurred in many poorer Eastern nations.  As we have noted previously, search engine optimization in Luxembourg and Europe has its own unique peculiarities, and companies engaging in SEO in Luxembourg should never make assumptions regarding any situation.

The Bottom Line Regarding SEO in Luxembourg

Overall, search engine optimization in Luxembourg and internet marketing in Luxembourg is a fascinating process and requires thorough research before strategies are pursued.  If your company is looking to begin SEO in Luxembourg or internet marketing in Luxembourg, then contact Devenia so we can help you make the most profitable decisions possible!

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Using our SEO Research Our SEO Research To Guide The Build of The New Site, We were able to create a solid foundation and a strategic plan for the new site. We then apply the learnings of our SEO research to writing SEO-optimized meta data for each individual page — making sure that all of them are working together to target the keywords assigned to them.

In summary, SEO services Luxemburg performed a full site audit and outlined a comprehensive overall masterplan of Touch Tech Software clients websites. For Marie and Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg, our SEO package makes sure that a brand new website is set up to its highest level of productivity and optimization. Marie purchased our SEO package together with our new website package, a winning combination for a successful launch. Client feedback I asked Wildheart team to work on SEO strategy for my yoga studio, Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg.

As one of the most sought-after IT centres in Europe, Luxembourg is accessible to companies almost exclusively who are in a position to invest in Luxembourgs IT markets and survive. Even if Luxembourg has well-developed IT infrastructure and supports all types of businesses entering into the IT market, its neighbouring countries IT capabilities make a good competition and generate comparable, if not greater, opportunities in ICT. The other technical capabilities that Luxembourg has, together with its well-integrated digital life, do not need anything more than a stay-ahead.

SEO Managers SEO managers(s) in Luxembourg are likely to see around 10% pay increases every 19 months. Reading from the chart on salary distribution, 25% of SEO Manager (s) are earning less than 3960EUR, and 75% are earning over 3960EUR. The following shows average differences in salaries of various SEO Manager (s) with similar experience, but with varying levels of education. Median salary The average salary is EUR5,540 a month, meaning half (50%) of the people working as SEO Manager (s) are earning less than EUR5,540, and the other half are earning more than EUR5,540.

When education level is a certificate or diploma, the average SEO Manager salary is 4,770 EUR per month. From the chart on salary distribution, 75% of SEO Manager(s) are earning less than 6,730 EUR, and 25% are earning more than 6,730 EUR. Get means the average SEO Manager in Luxembourg is earning about 35EUR per working hour.