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You have stumbled across the home site of Devenia, the leader for search engine optimization in Luxembourg and internet marketing in Luxembourg.  Devenia believes in assisting each and every one of its clients to the best of its ability, regardless of budget size.  Internet marketing in Luxembourg is one of our specialties.  We have offices located across the globe, with extensive research and knowledge available to every one of our SEO in Luxembourg clients.

What We Have Learned Regarding Internet Marketing in Luxembourg

Internet marketing in Luxembourg, represents an interesting proposition.  What we are aware of regarding internet marketing in Luxembourg is Facebook’s continued domination of social media traffic, as it captures a 60.46% market share of all social media traffic.  This same trend exists worldwide, although in a handful of nations, such as Ireland, StumbleUpon has actually surpassed Facebook as the social media leader.  On a worldwide basis, StumbleUpon maintains a strong grasp as the second leading social media site, capturing a market share of 25.66%, compared to YouTube’s 5.01%.  Interestingly, the reverse of this phenomena is true in Luxembourg.  YouTube captures a market share of 15.79% of social media traffic, compared to 12.33% for StumbleUpon.  At Devenia, it is our job to monitor these trends regarding SEO in Luxembourg and internet marketing in Luxembourg so that companies can focus on other essential tasks.

Google’s Dominance of SEO in Luxembourg

Everyone knows that Google dominates all desktop and mobile search traffic, but how strong is that domination, and what can companies interested in search engine optimization in Luxembourg and internet marketing in Luxembourg learn from it?  In Luxembourg, 95.24% of all searches are performed on Google, compared to 90.84% worldwide, so the anticipated trend is a little stronger in Luxembourg.  At the global level, 97.43% of all mobile searches are performed on Google, with 99.5% of all mobile searches in Luxembourg being performed on Google!  None of the other search engines – Yahoo!, Bing, or Ask Jeeves, comes even close to touching Google’s strong grasp on search engine traffic.  Additionally, if a site ranks highly on Google, it will typically also rank highly on Bing and Yahoo!  Companies interested in search engine optimization in Luxembourg and internet marketing in Luxembourg will now have greater awareness of Google’s importance in their SEO in Luxembourg strategy.

SEO in Luxembourg Tip:  As with most other European nations, Windows 7 has recently surpassed Windows XP as the leading OS, capturing a market share of 36.72% compared to 26.98% for XP.  While this seems to be a rather obvious observation, this event has not yet occurred in many poorer Eastern nations.  As we have noted previously, search engine optimization in Luxembourg and Europe has its own unique peculiarities, and companies engaging in SEO in Luxembourg should never make assumptions regarding any situation.

The Bottom Line Regarding SEO in Luxembourg

Overall, search engine optimization in Luxembourg and internet marketing in Luxembourg is a fascinating process and requires thorough research before strategies are pursued.  If your company is looking to begin SEO in Luxembourg or internet marketing in Luxembourg, then contact Devenia so we can help you make the most profitable decisions possible!

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