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At Devenia, the more thorough our research becomes, the more we learn, with the final result being increasingly effective strategies for search engine optimization in Lithuania and internet marketing in Lithuania.  As we have been researching, we have learned that Lithuania has its own nuances which make search engine optimization in Lithuania and internet marketing in Lithuania unique in certain ways.

User Browser Version Preference and Internet Marketing in Lithuania

In Lithuania, we have found that internet browser competition is intense.  The most popular browser version is Internet Explorer 8.0 (16.78% market share), which compares to Firefox 3.6 (9.78%), Internet Explorer 7.0 (3.2%), and several other browser versions all with market shares of less than 2.0%.  When performing search engine optimization in Lithuania and internet marketing in Lithuania, users’ browser version preference is one important statistic to keep in mind.

User Browser Preference and Internet Marketing in Lithuania

In terms of favorite browser (but disregarding the browser’s version),internet marketing in Lithuania and search engine optimization in Lithuania represents a trend that is contradictory to that of the rest of the world.  In Lithuania, for example, Firefox is the dominant browser, capturing a market share of 39.89%, which lingers over Internet Explorer (27.23%), and Google Chrome (22.34%).  On a worldwide basis, the reverse is true.  Internet Explorer captures a market share of 41.66% compared to 26.79% for Firefox.  One trend that is similar is Google Chrome’s quickly-increasing market share of browser usage.  In both the case of the world and Lithuania, Google Chrome has about doubled its market share from 11% to 22% in the past year.  Taking note of this research and other research performed by Devenia will give a significant competitive advantage to companies pursuing SEO in Lithuania and internet marketing in Lithuania.

Search Engine Optimization in Lithuania and the Social Media

In Lithuania, Facebook maintains an unusually strong grasp on all social media traffic, weighing in with a 74.4% market share that seems to be holding steady.  On a worldwide basis, Facebook’s market share came to a peak recently in April at 76.92%, with that percentage falling down to its current level of 60.46%.  In Lithuania, YouTube is the second most popular social media outlet, capturing a 12.24% market share, and is followed by StumbleUpon, which currently holds a 7.76% market share.  This contrasts somewhat sharply to the worldwide trend, which has StumbleUpon maintaining a strong grip as the second-leading social media outlet, capturing a market share of 25.66%.  YouTube comes in a distant third, capturing a miniscule market share of 5.01%!  We’re not sure why the differences in trends exist, but at Devenia, we know it is important to monitor these constantly-changing trends.  If your firm is engaging in internet marketing in Lithuania and search engine optimization in Lithuania, then this is great research to have at your disposal.

The Bottom Line Regarding SEO in Lithuania

Lithuania, like many other European nations we have examined, represents a case with its own differences from worldwide trends.  At Devenia, we make it our job to monitor these trends so that you can focus on the more important tasks at your business.

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