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Welcome to Devenia, your home for search engine optimization in Latvia and internet marketing in Latvia!  Devenia is an experienced firm with ample resources located in worldwide offices, which include locations such as the United States, Greece, Egypt, and Hong Kong!  Our size is not our strength, but our access and connections to resources is.  With Devenia at your side, it will be difficult for strategies for search engine optimization in Latvia not to succeed!

Some Findings Regarding SEO in Latvia

The farther and deeper we research various metrics and trends in Europe, the more we find nuances which make each nation unique in some way.  Many of our assumptions regarding SEO in Latvia and internet marketing in Latvia have been challenged, while some have been completely turned upside down!  One Latvian trend that is similar to the rest of the world is Facebook’s market share of social media traffic.  In March of 2011, this came to a peak at 62.83%, and ever since then this market share has been dwindling.  However, what is unique in Latvia is how extreme this trend is.  Facebook’s market share is now down to just 30.51%!  Astonishingly, Twitter has almost surpassed Facebook’s market share of traffic, as it now captures approximately 28.21% of all traffic.  If things continue, Facebook may fall to second by November of 2011!  This is a trend we have not witnessed anywhere else!  With all these unique trends occurring in various European nations, it is helpful to have an experienced firm like Devenia at your side as you pursue search engine optimization in Latvia and internet marketing in Latvia.

User Operating System Preference and Internet Marketing in Latvia

In this respect, Latvia again exhibits its own unique trends.  In just about every European nation, we have found that Windows XP is the second leading operating system in comparison to Windows 7, possibly indicating the ability of those nations to modernize faster than many other nations.  Interestingly, in Latvia, Windows XP captures the largest market share of all operating systems, with a 51.24% market share.  Windows 7 comes in at a distant second, with a market share of 36.24%.  And interestingly, Windows Vista captures a market share of 7.78%, which is something we have not witnessed anywhere else.  When engaging in internet marketing in Latvia and SEO in Latvia, these observations are great to keep in mind.

SEO in Latvia Tip:  While mobile searches are increasing in number, mobile searching as a whole accounts for only a vast minority of all searches.  In Latvia, this trend is particularly pronounced, with mobile searches accounting for just 1.22% of all searches.  Companies focusing their efforts on search engine optimization in Latvia and internet marketing in Latvia will want to keep this fact in mind.

The Final Word on SEO in Latvia

Latvia, overall, has its own unique trends.  With the assistance of a large firm like Devenia, your company will only be able to succeed as it pursues SEO in Latvia and internet marketing in Latvia.

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