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Welcome to Devenia, your home for SEO in Ireland and internet marketing in Ireland!  With Devenia at your side guiding you step-by-step through the process of search engine optimization in Ireland, you have nothing to fear because we have an experience and dedicated staff of professionals who are eager and willing to help.

The Benefits of Choosing Devenia to Help you With Internet Marketing in Ireland

At Devenia, our number one goal is to help you achieve the highest rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).  A higher position in the SERPs means that more traffic will come to your site and, in turn, more people purchasing your products and services.  There is a large difference in traffic between the first, second, and third positions on the first page of Google and anywhere else on Google.  In fact, most users do not browse past the first 3 pages of Google.  The investment you make with Devenia will be more than worth your time, as our goal is to help you increase your business exponentially!

Some Observations Regarding Internet Marketing in Ireland

Make no mistake about it:  social media have much to do with SEO in Ireland and internet marketing in Ireland, and social media in Ireland are engaging in fierce competition.  For example, StumbleUpon, which is gaining momentum worldwide, just increased its market share to 48.76% of all social media traffic, eclipsing Facebook’s share of 41.87%.  Worldwide, Facebook is still the top social media site by far, but its grasp on the social media market has been dwindling from a peak of 76.92% in April of 2011 to a current level of 60.19%.  We have seen this somewhat shaky trend occurring in many countries around the world, and Ireland appears to be one place where Facebook is losing its grasp.  Clearly, businesses engaging in SEO in Ireland and internet marketing in Ireland will want to be aware of this fact as they unravel their SEO in Ireland strategies.

Mobile OS Market Share and Search Engine Optimization in Ireland

Another trend we have observed is mobile OS market share in Ireland is very different than that of other European nations.  Mobile OS market share can vary widely by country.  In Ireland, the iOS has been steadily losing market share, but still remains the top dog by far, retaining a share of 60.29% of all mobile operating systems.  Google’s Android operating system is growing its market share, as is the case worldwide, by quadrupling its market share in Ireland in the past year from 6.57% to 27.31%.  Nokia’s SymbianOS market share has been steadily declining, down from about 14.45% a year go to 8.46%.  On a worldwide basis, SymbianOS’s market share has remained stable at about 32% for the past year, while the iPhone’s iOS has seen its market share sink from 25.71% to 19.41%.  Google’s Android OS, however, has more than doubled its worldwide market share in the past year from 9.22% to 20.6%.  It is interesting to see the differences among each country and its mobile OS of choice.  If your business is engaging in SEO in Ireland or internet marketing in Ireland, these are some trends of which you will want to be aware.

The Final Word Regarding Internet Marketing in Ireland and SEO in Ireland

Internet marketing in Ireland and SEO in Ireland are similar to, but not exactly like, internet marketing and SEO trends in the rest of the world.  For whatever reason, each country has its own nuances, but fortunately for you, Devenia is continuously monitoring these differences and is ready to help you if you require search engine optimization in Ireland and internet marketing in Ireland!