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Read more about how search engine optimization, social media marketing and advertising in the search engines can help your business grow faster in Hungary than ever before.

Welcome to Devenia, your home for SEO in Hungary and internet marketing in Hungary!  With Devenia’s extensive resources and experienced professionals at your disposal, you’ll have no choice but to succeed as you pursue search engine optimization in Hungary!

An Overview of SEO in Hungary

Hungary, like most European nations, has its own unique set of circumstances.  SEO in Hungary has trends which make it substantially different from some of the worldwide trends.  At Devenia, our research has investigated areas such as user browser preference, users’ preferred screen resolution, users’ preferred form of social media, and users’ preferred operating system.  Much of this information is important to consider when preparing a strategy for search engine optimization in Hungary.

User Browser Preference and SEO in Hungary

In Hungary, as in many Eastern European nations, we have noticed a contradiction to the worldwide trend of Internet Explorer being the dominant web browser.  Worldwide, it captures a 41.66% market share of all browser usage.  However, in Hungary, Firefox is the dominant browser, capturing a market share of 48.74% of all browser usage.  Google Chrome comes in second with a 28.3% market share, and Internet Explorer actually comes in third, capturing a market share of 17.4%.  Search engine optimization in Hungary, as is elsewhere in the world, is influenced to some degree by user browser preference.  Companies performing SEO in Hungary will want to be aware of this as they pursue internet marketing in Hungary.

Internet Marketing in Hungary and the Social Media

Internet marketing in Hungary and social media usage takes on a somewhat unusual bent compared to what we have observed in other nations.  With the increasing popularity of the social media, websites can grow from unknown to incredibly popular in just a few short hours.  In the past year, Hungarian usage of social media has changed dramatically.  One year ago, Facebook held just a small market share of 28.91% of all social media traffic, with that number now growing to 94.53%, which is by far the largest market share we have seen Facebook capture in any nation!  This is due in large part, however, to Hungarian-based iWiW’s (international Who is Who) dramatic decline in market share from 53.84% to .73% during the same period of time!

SEO in Hungary Tip

Don’t waste too much time performing search engine optimization in Hungary for mobile devices.  Compared to desktops, mobile devices account for just 1.31% of all searches, while desktops consume 98.69% of all searches.  While mobile searching is on the rise, it still only accounts for just a small percentage of all searches globally as well.

The Bottom Line on Search Engine Optimization in Hungary

SEO in Hungary is rapidly-changing and has its own unique nuances.  With this in mind, it is important to seek the assistance of knowledgeable firms like Devenia as you pursue search engine optimization in Hungary and internet marketing in Hungary!

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