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germany photoYou have stumbled across the home page of Devenia, an established and reputable firm that targets Search Engine Optimization in Germany and internet marketing in Germany.  If you are in need of Search Engine Optimization in Germany, Devenia is a great place to get started!

One Observed Difference Between Users in the Middle East and Users in Germany

One impressive fact about Devenia is that it has a vast amount of experience from which to draw.  Recently, our CEO spent some time working in Egypt, and one thing he observed is that European users search for a specific keyword, or a short phrase of keyword, whereas Egyptian users tend to search Google by asking short questions, such as, “My car is making a rattling noise.  What is causing it?”

Other Interesting Statistics Regarding SEO in Germany

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People interested in SEO in Germany should keep in mind screen resolution.  While screen resolution does not necessarily directly affect one’s ranking in the SERPs, more effective accommodation of user’s screen resolutions may lead to more traffic and visitor loyalty, which in turn may boost one’s results in the SERPs.  Businesses pursuing search engine optimization in Germany and internet marketing in Germany should keep this in mind as they market themselves to their users.  Business interested in SEO in Germany should also remember that the most common screen resolution is 1024×768 (used by 13.57% of all users), with the second leading resolution being 1280×800 (accounting for 13.14% of all users), and the third leading resolution being 1280×1024 (accounting for 13.05% of all users).

Internet Marketing in Germany and the Social Media

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In regard to the social media, when performing internet marketing in Germany, one should keep in mind the fact that Facebook currently accounts for 72.22% of all social media traffic (when compared to sites such as YouTube, StumbleUpon, Twitter, reddit, Digg, and Delicious).  However, when pursuing SEO in Germany, businesses should also keep in mind that this market share of traffic was at a peak of 88.43% just 4 months previous.  During that same time period, YouTube increased its market share of traffic by 8.12 percentage points, StumbleUpon by 5.27 points, and Twitter almost doubled its share from 1.07% to 2.08%.  One unusual trend that we noticed was that in September of 2010, YouTube actually had a higher market share of traffic (41.24%) compared to Facebook (39.4%)!  Clearly, SEO in Germany and internet marketing in Germany is very difficult to predict.  To put this in perspective, take a minute to examine the statistics for worldwide Social Media traffic.  The largest market share that YouTube has possessed in the past year was 9.0%.  Facebook’s smallest market share of traffic was 57.63%, a difference of 48.63 percentage points!  For unknown reasons, search engine optimization in Germany and internet marketing in Germany has different trends than many countries we have examined.

The Final Word on Search Engine Optimization in Germany and Internet Marketing in Germany

Overall, it is very clear to use that SEO in Germany and internet marketing in Germany are unique.  Many, if not most, countries we have examined tend to be very similar to the rest of the world.  With Devenia and our expertise in SEO in Germany, you will never have to feel afraid that your search engine optimization in Germany will be a failure!

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