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You have found the home site of Devenia, a company that performs services for SEO in Georgia and internet marketing in Georgia.  With the assistance of our services, your company’s sales will absolutely skyrocket.  But, what if you’re a bit skeptical about the whole process, doubting that SEO can really work?

How Does Search Engine Optimization in Georgia Work?

SEO in Georgia is a complex process, but by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll understand it enough to realize its amazing benefits.  The term “SEO” refers to the practice of helping websites to rank highly in Google’s rankings.  It is an imprecise process because Google’s methodology is top-secret, changes monthly, and is composed of hundreds of factors!  However, most companies performing search engine optimization in Georgia generally agree upon a few guidelines that can help your site to rank highly:

  • Researching keywords and determining if you have the budget necessary to be competitive
  • Writing content that is engaging for your customers and Google
  • Creating an effective back linking strategy (These are links from other sites to yours.  Google loves them and views sites with back links from reputable sites as being more important.).
  • Using an appropriate keyword density when creating content (Your website’s content can make or break its online reputation.  Outsource your site’s writing to India like many sites do, and you’ll see no results.  Hire a great writer who can create engaging content for people and Google, and watch your sales explode!)
  • Include your keywords in the <H1> tag.  Don’t know what an <H1> tag is?  That’s okay – that’s why Devenia is here to take care of this for you.  But, do realize that it is an important method Google uses to locate your website.

Black Hat Tactics for SEO in Georgia

Unfortunately, many people and companies believe there are short-cuts when performing the processes of internet marketing in Georgia and search engine optimization in Georgia.  “Black-Hat” tactics describe practices which, if discovered by Google, can get your web site penalized (have its rankings reduced) or even banned from Google entirely.  Black-Hat tactics some users try include:

  • Keyword stuffing.  This is when a writer repeats the keyword tens or even hundreds of times on a web page.  The keyword(s) are often placed at the bottom of the page after the primary content, or are made the same color as the page’s background, rendering them invisible.
  • Hidden text.  Some writers will try to change the text to the same color as the background, making it invisible, or place an image that is the same color as the text as the background.
  • Cloaking.  In short, cloaking is presenting information to search engines in a way different than visitors would see.  There are too many methods of cloaking to list here.
  • Doorway pages.  These pages contain very little real content, but instead contain the keyword repeated a few times.  The hope is that once the user arrives at the site, he or she will click on a different page.

The Bottom Line Regarding SEO in Georgia

Search engine optimization in Georgia and internet marketing in Georgia are complex processes that require the assistance of a knowledgeable firm.  At Devenia, we possess all the experience your firm could possibly need.  Let us know how we can help – Contact Devenia Today!


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