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As a leading SEO firm offering our services worldwide, Denmark is one of the most interesting markets, and we are pretty sure you know this already since you have searched for internet marketing in Denmark or something similar to reach this page.

If you have any questions regarding SEO in Denmark or internet marketing in Denmark, please let us know if we can help, as we pride ourselves on our thorough research and experience in Search Engine Optimization in Denmark and many other nations worldwide.

Read more about how search engine optimization, social media marketing and advertising in the search engines can help your business grow faster in Denmark than ever before.

What We Have Learned Regarding Search Engine Optimization in Denmark and the Worldwide Community

At Devenia, we are fascinated by technological trends regarding SEO in Denmark and internet marketing in Denmark.  One trend regarding Search Engine Optimization in Denmark is the fact that Facebook has lost a significant market share of traffic in the past year.  Facebook’s market share of traffic peaked in March of 2011, with a total share of 84.68%.  As of August 2011, this figure is down to 55.54%.  Of the other social media outlets being tracked (StumbleUpon, YouTube, reddit, Twitter, Digg, and LinkedIn), the only competitor to gain a significant share of traffic was StumbleUpon, which grew from a share of 7.82% in March of 2011 to a share of 27.37% in August of 2011.  Search Engine Optimization in Denmark and internet marketing in Denmark should be performed with this fact in mind.

Mobile Browser Search Engine Optimization in Denmark

In Denmark, like Scandinavia as a whole, we have noticed that users  seem to modernize more quickly than they do in other regions.  Businesses examining mobile search engine optimization in Denmark, for example, should keep in mind that 55.37% of searches are performed on the iPhone’s Safari browser.  Worldwide mobile search traffic, however, is led by Opera, with a 21.61% market share, with the iPhone coming in fourth place, at a share of just 14.91%.  Competition amongst mobile browsers is stiff and almost constantly in flux, with no clear leader other than Opera.  For example, during August of 2010, the iPhone’s Safari was the second most used browser, with a market share of 18.2%.  Other strong competitors in the mobile browser market include Nokia, Google’s Android, and Blackberry.

Desktop Browsers and Search Engine Optimization in Denmark

Map of Denmark.Internet marketing in Denmark and Search Engine Optimization in Denmark should largely be based on the fact that Internet Explorer 8.0 currently maintains the largest share of desktop browsers, with a share of 25.95% in Denmark.  However, you should also keep in mind that share (current as of August 2011), has dwindled from a peak of 45.25% in October of 2010.  One reason this is happening is because Internet Explorer 9.0 has been gaining a large share of traffic, up from .7% in February of 2011 to 18.4% in August of 2011.  When taking all browser versions into consideration, Internet Explorer still maintains the majority of market share at 49.05%.  Google Chrome, as is the case worldwide, has been making significant gains, increasing its market share in Denmark from 10.46% to 19.85% in the past year.  Companies engaging in SEO in Denmark and internet marketing in Denmark will want to remain aware of this fact.

The Final Verdict Regarding SEO in Denmark and Internet Marketing in Denmark

SEO in Denmark and internet marketing in Denmark remains an ever-changing situation.  At Devenia, we are committed to staying on top of trends in Denmark, and we believe that our experienced and dedicated team of professionals will help your business be an internet marketing leader in Denmark.

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