SEO & Internet Marketing in Austria

3d6c6ea5a42979d9 640 austria SEO & Internet Marketing in AustriaWelcome to Devenia, a global SEO firm that also specializes in search engine optimization in Austria and internet marketing in Austria!  With Devenia guiding your search engine optimization in Austria efforts, you’ll have no problem finding and maintaining high rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Why Devenia’s Search Engine Optimization in Austria are the Best

At Devenia, our internet marketing in Austria and SEO in Austria are the best services businesses can find!  Through our thorough research and intricate knowledge of keywords, your business will be able to find its way to high rankings in the SERPs.  These keywords will deliver targeted customers directly to your site, which in turn will increase your sales and search engine rankings.  Our efforts target Google.  If your business’s Google rankings increase, your Yahoo and Bing rankings will increase as well, and your business receives these benefits at no additional cost.

Google’s Dominance and SEO in Austria and Internet Marketing in Austria

It is no secret that Google maintains a strong grasp on all search engine traffic, and services specializing in search engine optimization in Austria and internet marketing in Austria should be aware of this fact.   One interesting observation that we have made is that in Europe Google maintains a stronger hold on search engine traffic than it does on all search traffic worldwide.  Typically, we have seen that Google maintains anywhere from a 95-99% market share of all search traffic, compared to 90.92% worldwide.  In Austria, we have observed that Google maintains an approximately 96.89% market share of traffic.  The same trend holds true for mobile search traffic, although Google’s domination is even more extreme.  In Austria, Google maintains a 99.8% market share of mobile search traffic, compared to 97.47% worldwide.  When businesses pursue internet marketing in Austria and SEO in Austria, the rule to keep in mind is to focus on Google, understanding that other search engine rankings will fall into place as a result.

Browsers and Search Engine Optimization in Austria

Browsers are one aspect of internet marketing in Austria that are somewhat stable at this point.  In Europe, users prefer Firefox, which maintains a market share of 42.39%, compared to Internet Explorer’s market share of 35.39%.  Google Chrome comes in a distant 3rd place at 13.0%, but interestingly, doubled its market share from 6.5% in the past year.  On a worldwide basis, we are also seeing Chrome’s market share grow, but this time at a rate slightly more than double (growing from 10.76% to 23.16%).  Interestingly, on a worldwide basis, users are the opposite of those in Austria, preferring Internet Explorer (41.89% market share) to Firefox (27.49%).  Browser preference does have an effect on internet marketing in Austria, so it is important to keep in mind.

The Final Word Regarding SEO in Austria

Search engine optimization in Austria and internet marketing in Austria are each a complex science that is ever-involving.  With so much change happening, it is important for businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition to have assistance from experienced and professional firms like Devenia.