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You have stumbled across the home of Devenia, a global SEO firm. We effectively serve clients from around the world from countries such as the United States, Greece, Norway, and Hong Kong.  Smaller offices may be located physically nearby, however, the size of our firm provides our customers with resources, connections, and software tools that not all firms have access to.  This is but one of many reasons we are a leader for SEO in Arkansas and internet marketing in Arkansas.

Devenia, the Leader for Search Engine Optimization in Arkansas

At Devenia, we offer the full range of SEO services to our customers in Arkansas.  Our services include Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Online Reputation Management, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Marketing via the major social media.  No matter what you need, we are happy to accommodate and make our services work for you.

Why Should I be Interested in Search Engine Optimization in Arkansas?

It really depends upon your goals.  If you’re a local small business and people know your name, and you’re happy with your profits as they are, then we’re probably not for you.  However, the marketplace is becoming increasingly global.  If you sell refurbished electronics, for example, you’re competing with big-time names such as Amazon.  If a customer can get the same product for half the price off the internet, why should he or she buy from you?  The answer to this difficulty is to expand your services online.  You can use the services of Amazon, but they’ll hit you with a ton of fees, cutting sharply into your profits.

If you create your own site, SEO is the process you use to increase your rank on Google.  Believe it or not, there are a set of guidelines, which we at Devenia carefully research, that can help your site move from the 40th page of Google to the first.  Some firms performing SEO in Arkansas and internet marketing in Arkansas will claim that they can move you to the number one position for any search term.  At Devenia, we believe this is a false claim, as Google’s methodology for determining its rankings is kept top-secret, contains hundreds of factors, and changes monthly.  But, if you follow a set strategy for SEO in Arkansas and internet marketing in Arkansas, the odds are in your favor that you can greatly increase your rankings in a matter of months.  Ranking on the 40th page of Google for most terms means no one finds your site and you make no sales.  Ranking on the 1st page  of Google means many people find your site and your sales increase.

So What Guidelines Does Devenia’s Strategy for SEO in Arkansas Follow?

We, of course, can’t release every last detail of what our formula is, as that provides our edge over the competition for search engine optimization in Arkansas.  But, in a general sense, here are some things we do:

  • Research keywords.  Devenia will research appropriate keywords for your web site, and we’ll let you know how much money can realistically be spend to rank highly for each term.  Terms that are more competitive require larger budgets.
  • Create content.  The quality of the information on your web site establishes you as either an authority or a fraud in your niche.  Outsource your stuff to India, and your website will look foolish.  However, high-quality content written by our staff will make your look more knowledgeable and encourages your customers to buy.
  • Develop back linking strategies.  We maintain a database of authority websites that can back link to yours.  You don’t want just any old site to link to yours.  Google views some sites as more authoritative than others, and their back links help your site move up in the search engine rankings more than others.
  • Monitor search engine algorithms.  What works one month may not work another.  Search engine optimization in Arkansas and internet marketing in Arkansas change quickly.  Monitoring how search engines rank each site is too difficult for a small business owner to do, but it’s something that Devenia does better than anyone else.

No matter what your needs are for search engine optimization in Arkansas and internet marketing in Arkansas, Devenia has you covered.  Contact Devenia Today!

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