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Welcome to Devenia, your home for search engine optimization in Albania and internet marketing in Albania!  With the services of Devenia, your company will skyrocket to high search engine rankings as we help you perfect your strategy for search engine optimization in Albania.

Which Social Media Site is Best for Internet Marketing in Albania?

This is a great question to ask, as we have discovered that each European nation has its own preferences for the various social media.  Facebook is the leader in most nations, however, its control of social media traffic is declining somewhat.  Interestingly, Albania, like much of southeastern Europe, expresses a strong preference for Facebook as its social media outlet of choice.  Specifically, Facebook controls a market share of 86.17% of all social media traffic.  StumbleUpon is typically the second leading social media outlet, but in Albania, YouTube ranks second with a market share of 9.04%.  Companies pursuing search engine optimization in Albania and internet marketing in Albania will want to hire the assistance of firms such as Devenia to help them monitor these trends, which can change quickly.

Which Mobile Browser is Most Popular in Albania?

The mobile browsing market faces tight competition in every nation.  While Opera is the worldwide leader in this regard, its lead is anything but secure.  One year ago, Nokia had been the leader in this regard, however, Opera is currently leading, with a market share of 30.72%, compared to 27.05% for Nokia.  The iPhone’s Safari browser has made a recent surge to 17.07%, making it the third leading mobile browser.  Google’s Android has been gaining ground worldwide, however, it, NetFront, Samsung, OpenWave, Jasmine, and Bolt all capture insignificant shares of 7% or less and pose no serious competition to the three leading mobile browsers.  At Devenia, our hope is to impress you with this knowledge so that you will feel confident in choosing us to help you perfect your strategies for search engine optimization in Albania and internet marketing in Albania.

Special Tip Regarding SEO in Albania and User Operating System Preference:  Albania, as is the case with most other southeastern Europoean nations, is currently behind the world in terms of making Windows 7 its operating system of choice.  Currently, Windows XP accounts for 66.26% of all Albanian operating systems, while Windows 7 accounts for 27.92% .  This may suggest that Albania does not modernize as fast as the rest of the world, and this may spill over to the world of SEO as well.  Businesses interested in search engine optimization in Albania and internet marketing in Albania will want to make a note of this fact before they proceed with their strategies.

The Bottom Line Regarding SEO in Albania

SEO in Albania seems to take on the characteristics of surrounding European nations.  At Devenia, we are armed with all this knowledge and more, and are thoroughly prepared to help every one of our customers reach their goals reach their goals for search engine optimization in Albania and internet marketing in Albania!

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