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If you have any connection to the digital world whatsoever, you probably have heard about search engine optimization and internet marketing.  But, if you don’t know anything about it, why is SEO in Louisville something so many companies are sinking money into?

The simple reason so many companies are putting a lot of money into internet marketing in Louisville is that it helps them make much more money.  Why?  Because everyone is looking to find businesses, products, and services online first before they do anything else.  In fact, around 70-80% of people first come into contact with a business through an internet search.  So, the name of the game becomes to make it easy for you to get found online, which is what search engine optimization in Louisville is all about.

How do You Find a Reliable Company to Perform Louisville SEO?

This is a very difficult question to ask.  An easy way of understanding it is that it’s much like finding a contractor to build your home.  You use word of mouth, online research, discussion with vendors, and then you go with the one that seems the best.  SEO is the same way, except, you don’t need to search the Louisville area exclusively to find the right company.  The work can be done from anywhere.

This is somewhat of a good and bad thing, as it allows you to work with the best companies in the search engine optimization industry, if you can afford them.  It’s a bad thing because the guy you could be asking to do your SEO could be some person working in his basement who has no attention but to rip you off.

Signals You Can Trust an SEO Company

Companies performing internet marketing  bill and work with clients in just about every way imaginable.  Some use contracts, while others don’t.  Here are some signals a particular search engine optimization company is worthy of your trust:

They aren’t trying to get you to take an action.  A really good company doesn’t pressure you to do anything.  They simply give you the information you need to make a decision, follow-up to see if you have any questions, and then move on if you have no interest.

They ask you your budget.  A good company doesn’t ask you this to see how much they can get out of you.  The reason they ask is so they know what they have to work with.  Sometimes, these SEO companies find that the budget you have available is not sufficient to generate the results you are looking for and pass you up as a client.

All your questions are answered.  And sometimes, that means an internet marketing company says, “We don’t have the answer,” or, “No.”  Good companies helping out Louisville business owners know that it’s best you understand the truth.  You can either hear it now and be upset, or hear it later and be upset, and lose thousands of dollars!

See if Devenia Can Help You

Devenia only works with Louisville clients that are a good match for its services, which means not everyone is a good fit.  We’re happy to answer your questions, and if it looks like a good relationship, we’re happy to work together.  Contact us at 408 503-6330, and let’s see if we’ll work together!

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