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Everyone across the globe is enduring tough times right now, and especially the United States.  No one knows where the economy is heading in coming months, although most speculation points in a negative direction.  In addition, President Obama’s health care plan will force businesses into a number of difficult financial decisions.

Even though most of the news you hear in today’s business climate is negative, there are steps you can take to grow your business in a way that doesn’t break the bank.  Performing SEO in Arlington gives you the opportunity to compete with businesses who have much larger budgets, but the services still cost in a range smaller businesses can afford.

How SEO in Arlington Works

At a very basic level, this is how search engine optimization works.  First, you research keywords your target market uses to find your business and its products and services.  Most of the time, you focus on long-tail keywords (phrases 3 words in length or longer such as “big red widgets”).  You target these phrases because:

  • Customers who enter in more words know what they are looking for and are more likely to buy
  • There’s lower competition for these keywords, so it takes less time and money to rank highly for them
  • Big companies ignore these keywords because the revenues they can expect to gain are insignificant to them

To rank for these keywords, it takes around a budget of $1000 per month, and at least six months of work to rank for them.  Once you rank highly, however, you receive leads and revenues for years into the future.

What Companies Performing Search Engine Optimization in Arlington Do Behind the Scenes

The work done that you don’t see  is what makes it all happen.  Basically, a SEO company helps your website attract links.  The more links you have pointing to your website, the more Google trusts it.  Then, you slowly climb up Google, until you reach its first page.  That part of internet marketing in Arlington is called “off-page” search engine optimization.  In addition to off-page SEO, experts also view your website (called on-page SEO) to review for areas where you can improve Google’s trust by making changes to your website.  Some of these factors include:

  • How quickly your web site loads
  • How frequently you update your site’s content
  • Whether keywords are included in your website’s URLs
  • How frequently your keywords appear throughout your website
  • The quality of the content on your website
  • How old your website is
  • Whether keywords appear in the title of your web pages

When it comes to search engine optimization in Arlington, there are many more factors to analyze, but those are the primary ones.  At Devenia, we take care to answer all of your questions, and we don’t charge you a thing until you rank on the 1st page of Google for one of your targeted keywords.  If you have questions we can answer, contact us.

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