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SEO in Moldova and the Social Media

While many European nations have shown that they will run completely against general worldwide trends, Moldova appears to be fairly typical in nature.  Internet marketing in Moldova and SEO in Moldova both rely on the usage of social media to some degree.  Interestingly, Moldova seems to be somewhat similar to many other European nations in that its’ users prefer Facebook (53.02% market share) to all other social media outlets.  Depending upon the country, YouTube or StumbleUpon are typically the second and third leading social media outlets.  In the case of Moldova, YouTube takes second place, with a market share of 17.42% and StumbleUpon third place, with a market share of 9.47%.  Companies will want to monitor these trends as they pursue SEO in Moldova and internet marketing in Moldova.  Interestingly,, a social networking site for connecting classmates and old friends, captures a significant market share of 8.66%.  Vkontakte, a social networking site for Russian speakers, also captures a noticeable market share of 2.17%.  With the help of Devenia, your business will be able to create strategies for SEO in Moldova and internet marketing in Moldova that keep it ahead of the competition!

SEO in Moldova Tip:  Digg and reddit, two major referrers of internet traffic, are engaged in a competition that is being easily won by reddit.  Of the total traffic referred to other sites by these two social media outlets, Digg is referring just 6.26% of traffic, with reddit referring 93.74%.  In December of 2010, Digg was actually the leader of these two sites, referring 52.12% of traffic, compared to 47.88% for reddit!  We have observed the same trend occurring throughout Europe, however, it is more extreme in Moldova.  Companies engaging in SEO in Moldova and internet marketing in Moldova will benefit from this knowledge.

Browser Version and SEO in Moldova

This is one area where Moldova runs somewhat counter to the worldwide trend.  Globally, Internet Explorer is the leading browser, capturing a 41.66% market share of all browser usage.  However, Moldova is the first country we have seen where Chrome has overtaken both Firefox and Internet Explorer by capturing a market share of 44.15% compared to 32.24% for Firefox and just 12.24% for Internet Explorer.  One year ago, Chrome’s market share was just 17.95%!  While we have noticed that Chrome has doubled its worldwide market share in the past year, we were nonetheless very surprised to learn about its growth in Moldova.  Companies pursuing internet marketing in Moldova and search engine optimization in Moldova will benefit from our ongoing monitoring of these trends.

The Bottom Line Regarding Search Engine Optimization in Moldova

No matter what way they are examined, SEO in Moldova and internet marketing in Moldova are two areas of knowledge where companies can benefit from the assistance of Devenia.  With our experienced professionals helping you through every step of the process, you’ll be sure to end up a winner as you create strategies for search engine optimization in Moldova and internet marketing in Moldova!

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