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You have discovered the portal to Devenia, your home for search engine optimization in Italy and internet marketing in Italy! At Devenia, our goal is your satisfaction, and with offices located worldwide from the United Kingdom to Egypt to Hong Kong, we have a large array of skills and experience we can use to help you to reach your internet marketing in Italy goals!

Why Choose Devenia for Internet Marketing in Italy

Internet marketing in Italy and search engine optimization in Italy are two very complex processes we believe we are able to help you with effectively.  Our expertise will help you to understand the literally hundreds of factors that cause your search engine rankings to fluctuate.  At Devenia, we have a team of specially-dedicated experts whose job it is to monitor the constant changes in each search engine’s algorithm.  Additionally, that specialist is responsible for ensuring SEO in Italy strategies that comply with each search engine’s rules.  Many SEO firms may encourage you to break the rules to achieve temporary high rankings, but search engines will eventually discover those techniques and subsequently penalize your rankings.  The amount of time it takes to effectively manage a search engine optimization in Italy strategy is massive and is best left to Devenia’s professionals.  Finally, our team is responsible for helping your business to create an effective back-linking strategy.  The search engines do not view every back-link as being equal, and our team can help you find the ones that give your business the most credibility.  Search engine optimization in Italy and internet marketing in Italy are two practices that are difficult and time-consuming to do alone, and with Devenia, you can feel confident that all of your needs will be met and exceeded!

Some Observations Regarding Search Engine Optimization in Italy and Internet Marketing in Italy

At Devenia, much of our time is spent on research and development.  In order to remain a leader in search engine optimization in Italy, it is important for us to always be gaining knowledge so that we can plan appropriate SEO in Italy strategies that help your business to stay ahead of the competition.

One thing we have observed regarding the major social media and search engine optimization in Italy is that Italy, like all other European nations, has characteristics that make it very different from other European nations.  Like the rest of Europe, for example, Facebook maintains the majority of social media traffic, capturing 60.17% of all social media traffic.  YouTube comes in a distant second place at 31.72%, and no other social media outlet being tracked (StumbleUpon, Twitter, reddit, LinkedIn, and FriendFeed) has more than a 4.15% market share of traffic.  Compare this to countries like Ireland, where StumbleUpon captures a market share of 48.76%, actually beating out Facebook’s market share of 41.87%!  Or, compare this to France, where Facebook has not had a market share of less than 64.68% and YouTube has not had a market share greater than 20.11%!

The Bottom Line Regarding Search Engine Optimization in Italy and Internet Marketing in Italy

The bottom line on SEO in Italy and internet marketing in Italy is that this country, like others in Europe, has its own nuances of which to be aware.  With the help of Devenia’s skilled and experienced staff, however, you’ll be able to monitor these conditions and position yourself ahead of your competition!

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