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SEO in France Tip:  The first tip we can share with you, our future client, is that worldwide, the vast majority of searches are performed on a desktop computer, as compared to a mobile device.  The percentage of searches, however, is quite dramatic, and this trend is more pronounced in France.  In France, 97.06% of all searches are performed on a desktop computer, compared to just 2.94% worldwide; worldwide, the trend is that 92.88% of all searches occur on a desktop computer, versus just 7.12% for mobile devices.  While mobile search seems to be a popular trend, the numbers show that your business’s SEO in France and internet marketing in France strategies are best spent on desktop searchers.

What We Have Learned Regarding Social Media and SEO in France

Your company’s strategy regarding SEO in France and internet marketing in France may be strongly benefited by some of the following statistics.  Of the 7 major social media outlets being tracked (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, StumbleUpon, reddit, Delicious, and LinkedIn), Facebook not surprisingly maintains the largest market share of traffic (currently at 67.89%).  However, this market share has fluctuated widely in the past year from a peak of 78.91% to a bottom of 64.68%, which is a fairly wide range. Businesses research search engine optimization in France and internet marketing in France should be wary of this fact as they move forward.  Additionally, YouTube has nearly doubled its market share from 9.78% just one year ago to 17.9% right now.  StumbleUpon and Twitter have battled back and forth, with StumbleUpon currently holding the upper hand at 6.31%, compared to Twitter’s market share of 5.11%.  With Facebook’s market share of traffic fluctuating so much, businesses interested in internet marketing in France and SEO in France should be ready to adopt their SEO practices at a moment’s notice.

Users’ Operating System Preference and SEO in France

French users, for whatever reason, have made a quicker transition to Windows 7 than users worldwide, transitioning at a pace similar to that of the United States.  Strategies focusing on SEO in France and internet marketing in France should keep this point in mind, as most searches are performed on desktop computers, noted earlier.  Just one year ago, Windows 7 was present on 20.64% of all French desktop PCs, and this compares with 38.98% now.  This compares to Windows XP, which was present on 41.59% of all desktops just one year ago, compared to 28.2% now.  MacOSX has held a stable market share, hovering between 9 and 10%, while Linux has maintained about a stable 1.7% share.  When performing SEO in France and internet marketing in France, business should keep the user experience, in this case their operating systems, in mind.

Search Engine Optimization in France:  The Final World

The final world regarding SEO in France and internet marketing in France is to keep the user experience first and foremost in mind.  After reading this article you will be a little more knowledgeable regarding search engine optimization in France.

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