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You have found the home page of Devenia, an SEO firm with offices located worldwide.  Currently, we are looking to expand our operations to include every country in Europe.  We would love the opportunity to perform SEO in Croatia and internet marketing in Croatia!

Some Surprising Findings for SEO in Croatia

Each nation we have researched certainly has its own nuances.  Some surprising things we have discovered include Facebook being the second-leading social media outlet in comparison to StumbleUpon in Ireland, Vkontakte being the leading or second-leading social media site in Russian-speaking nations, and reddit being the dominant referrer of traffic, compared to Digg, in most countries.  With discoveries such as this somewhat catching us off guard, we have learned that small businesses looking to engage in SEO in Croatia should seek the assistance of a firmly-established organization such as Devenia.

Social Media and Internet Marketing in Croatia

The social media have the potential to immediately and permanently impact the bottom line of a small business.  While this is rare, any decent strategy for SEO in Croatia will incorporate social media usage statistics.  Croatia, like many other European nations, prefers Facebook as its social media outlet of choice, as it accounts for 72.42% of all social media traffic.  This usage level has been holding relatively steady in the past year as well.  StumbleUpon and YouTube compete closely with one another, as is often the case, with StumbleUpon currently winning the battle, capturing a market share of 11.55% compared to YouTube’s 11.33%.  Companies interested in pursuing internet marketing in Croatia and search engine optimization in Croatia will want to keep this in mind as they build their strategies for SEO in Croatia.

Smaller Social Media Outlets and Internet Marketing in Croatia

We have observed that some social media outlets such as LinkedIn, reddit, and Digg are pretty consistently non-competitive when compared to Facebook, StumbleUpon, and YouTube.  In the case of Croatia, not a single one of these accounts for more than 2% of social media traffic.  While this may seem to be evidence suggesting to not market on any of these sites, they remain nonetheless great options if you have a particular target market.  Companies interested in pursuing search engine optimization in Croatia or internet marketing in Croatia should speak with Devenia before creating their respective marketing strategies.

Mobile Searching and SEO in Croatia Tip:  Mobile searching in Croatia, as is the case with the rest of the world, is heavily dominated by Google.  But, how intense is the level of Google’s domination?  In Croatia, it’s a little more extreme than we have found in other nations, as Google captures 99.78% of all mobile search traffic.  And, to cap it off, if your site ranks well in Google, it ranks well in the other search engines too.  This research should be of great benefit to companies engaging in search engine optimization in Croatia and internet marketing in Croatia.

The Final Word on SEO in Croatia

In order to be effective, search engine optimization in Croatia requires the assistance of an experienced and helpful SEO firm like Devenia.  Please contact our offices today so that you can begin your ascent to the top!

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