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Hello and welcome to the home page of Devenia, your home for SEO in Vermont and internet marketing in Vermont.  With the assistance of our services, your firm’s sales will grow in the matter of just a few short months.  If you’re interested in performing SEO in Vermont and internet marketing in Vermont, Devenia can help you set and achieve your strategy.

What Devenia can Promise You

Search engine optimization in Vermont is a process that is difficult in nature, and unfortunately, while we can make a good estimate, absolute guarantees are impossible to make.  Why are absolute guarantees difficult to make?  The answer is that Google’s algorithm for ranking websites is made of hundreds of factors, changes monthly, and is kept top-secret.  With so many factors that change monthly, some of which can significantly affect your site’s rankings, it is impossible to provide an absolute guarantee of the results of our services.  However, we are willing to promise that your rankings, traffic, and sales will improve as a result of our services.

We can also promise that we will work in your best interest, and you will know that we are doing so once you examine our pricing structure.  Our results-based pricing structure charges you a monthly fee based on your ranking in Google during the first week of the month.  The higher you rank, the higher you pay and the lower you rank, the less you pay.  Additionally, if you accidentally rank well for any other search terms, which is entirely possible, there is no charge.  Our profits are maximized when your most favorable results are achieved, so you are assured we will work in your favor.

What Devenia Will Not Promise You

If you choose our services for search engine optimization in Vermont and internet marketing in Vermont, we will not guarantee you the number one ranking on Google.  We can’t guarantee the number one ranking on Google because again, it’s simply too complicated to actually achieve that result.  But what about companies who do make this guarantee?  Well, they are either giving you false promises in an attempt to get your money, or they’re cheating your site to the top using Black-Hat SEO tactics.  At Devenia, we know that you can cheat your site to the top using Black-Hat SEO practices, however, Google is adept at detecting cheating and will either penalize or ban your site from its rankings.  It can take years to get your site to return to its normal ranking level after a penalty.

The Final Word Regarding SEO in Vermont and Internet Marketing in Vermont

Search engine optimization in Vermont is a difficult process at first, but if you find the right partner, it becomes a smooth process.  At Devenia, we love to help business owners achieve their dreams as they pursue strategies for SEO in Vermont and internet marketing in Vermont.

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