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“Internet marketing” – you’ve no doubt heard the term by now, but you probably wonder how it works.  It’s always possible to market your business and its products and services, but how does it work in the digital world, and why is there such a commotion about digital marketing?

Benefit 1:  SEO in Oakland is More Cost-Effective than Traditional Advertising

Television, radio, and signs are all scattershot advertising.  You know a little about your audience, some basic demographic information, but that’s about it.  It costs thousands of dollars to run these ads on a regular basis, and you never know when or if customers will come in, or if the people watching the show, or listening to the radio, or looking at the sign even have a faint interest in your business’s products or services.

However, with internet marketing in Oakland, you can laser-target your market because you can look at the search phrase they’re using, view the results for yourself, and learn firsthand exactly what people look for when they type in that search phrase.  Then, you create a plan for building links and developing a web presence for ranking for those keywords.

Whereas traditional advertising is more like shooting with a pistol – you’re never quite sure where you’ll hit, internet marketing like using  a laser.

The increased precision of internet marketing makes the cost-per-lead, cost-per-sale, or whatever metric you want to use, much cheaper.

Benefit #2:  Small Businesses Can Compete with Big Businesses

The big corporations target more short-tail keywords which have more searches, and therefore, can create a much larger amount of net revenue.  If you own a smaller business, you may be wondering how you can compete.  What you do  it comes to internet marketing in Oakland is target long-tail keywords (keywords longer than 2 words).  While long-tail keywords have fewer searches, they convert at a higher rate because people typing in those terms know what they are looking for and are much closer to being ready to buy.

If you’re a smaller business, instead of targeting short-tail keywords, you target multiple long-tail keywords and build your revenues that way.  Then, as your business scales, you can start targeting more short-tail keywords.

Benefit #3:  SEO in Oakland can be Outsourced for an Affordable Cost

You don’t have to hire your own in-house SEO team, although some businesses choose to do that.  Instead of dealing with all of the additional costs and stresses of managing additional personnel, you hire out the entire service to a company with a proven track record of success.  When you work with a good company, it’s just like having your own internal marketing department at a more affordable cost and without all the difficulties that go with managing employees.

Devenia provides services for search engine optimization in Oakland and can help you rank highly for your targeted keywords.  Contact us with your questions, or if you would like to try out our service.

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