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Hello and thank you for stopping by the home page of Devenia, a company performing search engine optimization in Little Rock and internet marketing in Little Rock and serving customers from across the globe.  Unfortunately, much misinformation exists regarding search engine optimization.  The business is completely unregulated, and there’s no official standards-making body.  Today, we’ll talk about some myths about SEO and provide more realistic solutions.

Top Myths for SEO in Little Rock

Without further hesitation, here are some of the top myths regarding search engine optimization in Little Rock:

  1. A guaranteed ranking.  Surprisingly, you can guarantee rankings, but watch out for how companies say it.  Some will guarantee you a #1 ranking, and this is possible, but that is only likely for non-competitive search terms that will bring little traffic in your direction.  Others can guarantee you will rank for other terms, but be sure they guarantee you can rank somewhere on the first page of Google.  If you rank on the fifth page of Google for a competitive search term, you still won’t receive too much traffic because 90% of all users stop searching after the third page of Google!  At Devenia, we structure our pricing so that you pay more for better results.  This forces us to operate in your best interest.  We won’t promise where you’ll rank, but we can promise our best efforts to get you to rank as highly as possible.  And, if you’re not happy for whatever reason, you can stop our services at any time.
  2. You need to submit your site to hundreds of search engines.  Companies performing SEO in Little Rock and internet marketing in Little Rock will often offer this service.  At Devenia, however, we know that Google accounts for 80% of search engine traffic in the United States and 91% worldwide.  Yahoo and Bing take up the brunt of the rest, and Ask Jeeves and Baidu account for about 1% total.  Submitting your site to hundreds of search engines is completely unnecessary.
  3. What Google says is the truth.  Google is a large corporation, and as such, of course it is going to have to say whatever protects its best interests.  Google’s algorithm is incredibly complex and kept top-secret, so it’s really hard to know exactly what is happening at any given moment.
  4. Page Rank is an important indicator (or not).  Companies can go both ways on this subject, and currently, there is evidence for either view being correct.  Page Rank, in theory, is the relative importance with which Google views your site in comparison to others.  In general, the higher, the better.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see sites with a low Page Rank ranking higher than sites with a higher Page Rank!  The bottom line is to ensure that you view Page Rank as an indicator of how important Google thinks your site is, but not necessarily a precise measurement of how great your site is.

The Bottom Line Regarding SEO in Little Rock

The final word regarding search engine optimization in Little Rock and internet marketing in Little Rock is that the science is imprecise, and it’s best to work with someone you trust.  At Devenia, we minimize the up-front risk to our clients so that they can see the effective results our firm delivers.  Have we gained your trust?  If so, contact Devenia today!

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