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Welcome to Devenia, your SEO in Belgium leader!  At Devenia, we believe that our intense focus on research will help your business stay on top of its competition!  When discussing search engine optimization in Belgium and internet marketing in Belgium, the name that always comes up is Devenia!  We already have offices worldwide, ranging from the United States to the United Kingdom to Hong Kong.

Internet Marketing in Belgium Tip:  Mobile search, while still only accounting for a small minority of search traffic in comparison to desktop searching, is nonetheless steadily growing and will seemingly continue to do so in the future.  In many European nations, we have observed that mobile searching has doubled and even tripled in the past year.  In the case of Belgium, mobile search traffic has grown its market share from .59% to 1.27% in the past year.

In-Depth Research on Internet Marketing in Belgium and SEO in Belgium and Mobile Browsers

The internet marketing in Belgium and mobile browser market, as is the case worldwide, represents a fiercely competitive industry.  On a worldwide basis, Opera dominates the internet marketing in Belgium and mobile browser industry, weighing in with a market share of 21.61%.  This lead, however, has been dwindling in the past year, as Google’s Android browser has more than doubled its market share to 19.72% in the past year.  In Belgium, however, our findings are somewhat different, as the iPhone’s Safari browser has been totally destroying the competition by maintaining a market share of 34.09%-38.4% in the past year.  Like we have seen on a worldwide basis, however, Google’s Android browser has been quickly gaining market share, and if this trend continues into the future, it may pass the iPhone’s Safari browser within the year.  Currently, the Android maintains a market share of 22.64% in Belgium, which is more than triple its market share just one year ago.  Internet marketing in Belgium and search engine optimization in Belgium are two technological niches that can change at a moment’s notice, but with a trusted SEO in Belgium Firm in Devenia at your side, you’ll surely be able to monitor these trends and stay on top of the competition!

SEO in Belgium Tip:  Belgium, for whatever reason, seems to be modernizing at a faster rate than much of the rest of the world.  We believe this to be evidenced by the fact that, on a worldwide basis, Windows XP is the dominant operating system, capturing a market share of 42.58%, compared to a market share of 37.68% for Windows 7; this compares to Belgium, where Windows XP holds a market share of 26.48% compared to 39.99% for Windows 7!  We have observed some similar trends in other European countries, and we feel that if you are pursuing and SEO in Belgium strategy or internet marketing in Belgium strategy, Devenia is the best company to keep in mind!

The Bottom Line and SEO in Belgium

The bottom line regarding search engine optimization in Belgium and internet marketing in Belgium is that the trends are very different by country, and within each country, they are changing fast.  With the world of internet marketing in Belgium changing so quickly, it is wise to hire an SEO in Belgium firm like Devenia that has an incredibly experience and skilled staff!

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