How Devenia’s Superior Customer Service Helps Your Strategy for SEO in Hartford


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Hello and thanks for taking the time to stop by Devenia.   Out of the millions of websites and literally thousands of SEO companies you could have visited, you chose to stop by ours!  Thanks a ton!  We believe that with the assistance of our services, your strategy for search engine optimization  in Hartford and internet marketing in Hartford will only meet success.

What is Devenia’s Approach to Search Engine Optimization in Hartford?

At Devenia, we believe in being completely open and honest.  We’re not going to attempt to make up an answer and appear like experts when we really don’t have the answer to your question.  If we don’t have the answer to your question, we’ll let you know, and we’re not embarrassed to admit it.  We realize that the reality of SEO is that it is incredibly imprecise, so very often we have to use terms such as “probably, maybe, most likely,” and “soon.”  We’d love to nail things down precisely and tell you that we can guarantee the you the #1 ranking on Google, but we know that’s just not possible.  What would happen if we led you to believe something was true when really it was false?  You’ll pay us a lot of money and get upset.  Then you’ll tell everyone you know just how awful Devenia’s services are.  We prefer to think long term.  If we tell you that we don’t know the answer to the question, you might get upset and look somewhere else, but we’re okay with that.  Other companies performing SEO in Hartford and internet marketing in Hartford may not do the same.

How do Devenia’s Services Stand Out from all the Rest?

Search engine optimization in Hartford and internet marketing in Hartford are simply not that easy to do well.  Not only will you be impressed by our honest and down-to-earth customer service approach, but you’ll be impressed by our services as well.  At Devenia, we have a simple three-pronged approach to helping your site develop into a business powerhouse:

  1. We help you target the right keywords for which you can be competitive.  First, you have to target niche keywords for which you can actually be competitive.  High competition keywords can take months, or even years, before you can actually become competitive.  These can be part of your strategy, but its wisest to target less competitive words to start.
  2. We engage in an effective back linking strategy.  We have thoroughly tested and continue to improve the effectiveness of our back linking strategy.  We have found it to be incredibly effective, and believe that it can help your site to stay ahead of the competition.
  3. We help you develop engaging content that keeps customers returning time and again.  Great content is part of a long term strategy.  Write crummy content, and you’ll soon find that your site has a high bounce rate with low conversion ratios.  Anticipate your customer’s needs and address them effectively, and you’ll soon notice your site’s sales and bounce rate quickly heading in a more favorable direction.

The Bottom Line Regarding SEO in Hartford

Search engine optimization in Hartford and internet marketing in Hartford are two processes which are difficult to pull off.  However, with the assistance of an experienced SEO firm that has worked with hundreds of customers from across the globe, it is possible that your site could experience a noticeable increase in its customers and sales in just the matter of a few short months!  What are you waiting for? Contact Devenia Today!

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