How can Search Engine Optimization in Prague Help your Company Grow?


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You’ve probably heard about it already by now, or maybe you haven’t.  If you haven’t, be sure to pay attention as you read the following paragraphs.  What is it?  The message is, “Print advertising is dead.”  That’s right – it’s not dying, it’s dead.

What’s taking it’s place?  The new form of advertising is advertising on Google, which is commonly called “internet marketing” or “search engine optimization.”  When you perform search engine optimization in Prague, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to get in front of people’s eyes.

Why?  Well, you know technology has been advancing at a screaming rate for the past couple decades.  It’s grown to the point where people now look online first for the businesses, products, and services they need.  In fact, about 80% of the time people look online first, and about 20% of the time they talk in real life to friends, family, or read the newspaper or another form of print advertising.

As a wise small business owner, you would naturally think of pursuing search engine optimization in Prague before you do anything else.  An added benefit is that internet marketing in Prague is comparatively cheaper than any other form of advertising you spend your money on.

Where do You Start?

You can spend your whole marketing budget in a snap if you’re not careful.  Fortunately, no matter what the size of your budget, you can get started and increase your sales quickly.  The most important aspect to begin with is link building.  Each link to your site counts as kind of a “vote” in the eyes of Google.  But, links from more authoritative sites count many times more than links from less authoritative ones.

When you hire a search engine optimization company, you are paying for the time they took to research which sites work the best, and then the time they take to build the links.  If internet marketing in Prague sounds like it can become time consuming, you’re right on because that is exactly what happens.

The reason to start with link building is that it is the most immediate method of pushing your site up the search engine rankings.  98% of all traffic comes from the 1st page of Google, so if you rank on the second page or later, it’s no different than ranking on the last page. Once link building gets you on the 1st page of Google, then you receive more traffic.  More traffic leads to more sales.  More sales mean more profits.

Then you can do what you want with the profits.  You can pocket them and keep your business as you like it, or you can target more keywords, build more links, and expand!  What you do with SEO in Prague is up to you, but the point is it works, and the sky is the limit!  If you would like to learn more about search engine optimization in Prague, contact Devenia, and let us know how we can help!

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