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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to stop by Devenia, a company performing search engine optimization in Albany and internet marketing in Albany.  Unfortunately, there is much debate about what great content is and how it can help your site.  If you’d like to learn more about how great content can help your small business, read on.

What is “Great Content?”

Unanimous agreement on what exactly “great content” is will likely never be reached.  However at Devenia, we believe that great content is that which engages the visitor, answers his or her questions convincingly, and is free from any noticeable errors.  Such content strikes visitors in a way that keeps them returning time and again for business.  And, the goal of any business is to create an excellent product that fills a need so that customers are satisfied and the business profits, is it not?

Unfortunately, some companies will want to pay bottom prices for what they call “great content.”  Typically, this type of content is shipped out to the Philippines or India, and it comes back loaded with keywords, awkward sentence structure, and noticeable spelling and grammatical mistakes.  Such writing may be effective for search engines and get people to come in, but will this writing convince people to return time and again and make additional purchases?  What is happening is that these SEO companies who think they are getting great content are actually minimizing the cost of the content so they either profit more themselves or compete based on price with other SEO companies.  In any event, the value of your site takes a noticeable hit if your SEO company hires cheap copywriters.

Effective Copywriting and Content Writing are Essential for Effective SEO in Albany

Companies performing search engine optimization in Albany and internet marketing in Albany should hire the best copywriter they can afford, and Devenia’s professional writers provide an excellent service.  Large corporations will pay individuals who can write great sales letters and other sales copy literally millions of dollars, as the copy they produce sells millions more.  Now, imagine if they chose to pay someone $20 per hour, a very average salary in the United States.  What would the quality of that person’s writing be?

What is the Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting

As you research companies performing SEO in Albany and internet marketing in Albany, you’ll notice there is much confusion swirling around these terms.  In general, content writing is designed more to inform your customers.  Its long term effect is to make your site more trusted, which leads to more traffic, and ultimately, more sales.  Copywriting, however, is the process of effectively researching your target market until you know everything about them.  Then, you write a sales page that demonstrates all the advantages of your product in which they’ll be interested and also answers any strong objections they may have to making a purchase.  Both forms of writing are beneficial for any website.

The Final Word Regarding Great Content and SEO in Albany

The bottom line regarding search engine optimization in Albany and great content is that the higher level of quality produced, the better the long term results for your website.  Devenia has a staff of professional writers that can help your site write effective and engaging content.  If you’re looking to create an effective web site, Contact Devenia Today!

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