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Thank you for taking the time to stop by Devenia, a company performing search engine optimization in Annapolis and internet marketing in Annapolis.  We are honored that you would take the time to visit our site, as there are literally billions of websites for you to visit.  In today’s article, we’d like to help you understand the role of great content in a SEO strategy.

Content is not “King,” But Sometimes it Can Be!

One of the cliches that floats around the ‘net is the idea that “content is king.”  It seems to be a somewhat polarizing issue, as some sites wholeheartedly agree, while many others adamantly disagree.  The truth is that many times content is king, but most often it is not.  Some famous websites have risen through the ranks simply based on their ability to provide unique or interesting content that no other site has.  These websites had to perform little or no SEO because so many people like their content from the start that they talked about the site to their friends or family, and then word spread further.  It has always been difficult to grow a website exclusively by word-of-mouth, however, it is possible.  In today’s online world, it’s even more difficult to grow a website by word-of-mouth.

It’s now true that content supported by an effective strategy for SEO in Annapolis is the best method for helping your site to grow.

So How Does Content Work in this Modern Era?

Several years ago, you didn’t need quality content to rank highly.  Companies performing search engine optimization in Annapolis and internet marketing in Annapolis knew that if you had a particular keyword density, and mentioned the keyword in your site’s META, H1, and Title tags, you would most likely rank highly for that keyword.  But, gone are the days of simple formulaic SEO.

Now, high-quality content is gaining an increasingly important role in the eyes of Google.  As of right now, some of the talk in the SEO world says that Google is now factoring your site’s grammar and spelling into how highly your content ranks!  Companies performing search engine optimization in Annapolis and internet marketing in Annapolis might now need to think twice before outsourcing their content to a foreign nation!  Google probably will never require every author to have the skills of William Shakespeare, however, it is slowly but surely continuing to redefine what “quality” content is.  Currently, “quality content” means:

  1. Creating unique content.
  2. Using an eye-popping headline.
  3. Writing in an engaging way.
  4. Ensuring your content fills a need your visitors have.
  5. Ensuring you communicate how your content fills that need in a way that makes a powerful impact on your visitors.
  6. Using a keyword density of 1.0-2.0%.

Generally, if you follow those guidelines, your content will be viewed as “quality” by Google, although internet surfers may or may not agree.

The Final Word Regarding Great Content’s Effects on SEO in Annapolis

If you do a great job of writing quality content on a regular basis, companies performing search engine optimization in Annapolis and internet marketing in Annapolis, such as Devenia, are aware that this will build long-term value for your site, and your site’s visitors and sales will continue to increase over time.  Interested in Devenia’s professional SEO and content writing services? Contact Devenia Today!

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