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We are humbled and honored that you would take the time to stop by the home page of Devenia, a company performing search engine optimization in Sacramento and internet marketing in Sacramento, but serving customers from across the globe.  Today, we would like to tell you how great content can help enhance the effectiveness of your strategy for SEO in Sacramento.

What is “Great Content?”

“Great content,” as with “great products,” are defined by the marketplace, that is the general public who may or may not purchase a particular product.  No one would have thought that Billy the Bass, the singing bass fish, would have sold millions of units.  Then again, the Segway Personal Transport, which received extensive hype prior to its release, has sold several thousand units, but nowhere near the expectations of its designers.  In sum, “great content” is determined by the marketplace, and just because you followed someone else’s protocols for producing great content doesn’t mean that you actually have produced it.

What are Some Characteristics of Great Content?

Companies performing search engine optimization in Sacramento and internet marketing in Sacramento all want great content.  While your site’s visitors ultimately determine what actually is great content, great content generally has a few of the following characteristics:

  1. Its unique.  Great content is almost always unique, or it takes a unique slant on an existing topic.
  2. Its written in an engaging way.  Great content interests your readers, and if it’s superbly done, it will engage readers even if they have no knowledge or interest in the topic.
  3. It contains in-depth information.  Great content contains facts and details hard to find anywhere else.
  4. It’s useful.  Great content is very often, although not always, useful to its audience.
  5. It’s error-free.  Great content contains no spelling or grammatical errors whatsoever.  The internet is riddled with tons of writing that just about anyone can do.  However, a great way to make yourself stand out is to ensure it’s all grammatically correct.





Why Should I Invest in Great Content Instead of the Cheapest Content?

Many companies performing SEO in Sacramento and internet marketing in Sacramento think that paying from$5-$8 for 350-500 words is “high-quality.”  Companies who pay these rates typically outsource the content to foreign countries such as India and the Philippines.  While writers from these nations do their best, their content is rarely error-free and often times sounds awkward because English is not their native language.

Consider the website of powerful companies such as ESPN, WAL*MART, and Microsoft.  Did they write the first thing that came to mind, or hire it out to one of the masses in India or the Philippines?  Of course not, and that’s because what they write on their sites is the product of hundreds and thousands of hours of marketing and sales research.  Then, after all that, the writing is performed.  Additionally, these companies will revise what they write based on what their latest marketing statistics tell them.  These sites understand that great content is a large part of the success of their online business.

The Bottom Line Regarding Great Content and SEO in Sacramento

Great content won’t necessarily take your site from worst to first, but it is necessary in order to represent your firm in a way that makes the greatest appeal to your customers.  If your company is preparing to perform SEO in Sacramento and internet marketing in Sacramento, let Devenia’s professional staff help make every part of the process a successful one for you and your company. Contact Devenia Today!

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