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That’s right, you can grow your business even in this down global market.  And, you can continue to do so, even if things remain down for a while.  How can you do this?

Think about it logically:  while the average person is less willing to spend their money, not everyone is unwilling to spend money.  Even in a down market, some people are doing okay, while others are thriving.  The key, of course, is finding them.

How do you Find People Who Demand Your Products and Services?

That’s easy:  perform SEO in Philadelphia.  While traditional marketing techniques were scattershot techniques – aiming at large groups of people and getting low conversion rates, search engine optimization in Philadelphia targets small niches that have a much higher likelihood of demanding your products and services.  And, search engine optimization in Philadelphia costs much less per lead than does any other form of marketing – why do you think so many companies are using it?

How Does Internet Marketing in Philadelphia Work?

Search engine optimization in Philadelphia is one of many services found under the umbrella of internet marketing, but it is the core service with which you should start.  Why?  Because search engine optimization in Philadelphia is what helps you research your market and actually get people coming to your site.

SEO in Philadelphia begins with keyword research.  As a smaller company, you target various keywords people are typing into the search engines.  The key is identifying which keywords people are typing in so that they can discover the products and services you are selling.  If you sell boats, for example, you wouldn’t target the keyword “boat” at first.  Why?  Consider what people who typing the keyword “boat” in might be searching for:

  • Historical research on various boats
  • Pictures of fancy boats
  • Boats for sale
  • Boat insurance
  • Boats for rent
  • Tourist boat rides

The likelihood they are searching for boats for sale is actually relatively low.  A specialist performing SEO in Philadelphia might, however, target the keyword “boats for sale New York City.”  You could be much more sure that people targeting this keyword would be looking for boats for sale, and if your company targets the New York City area, you would add this in to further increase conversion rates.  Your conversion rate for this keyword, even if there are fewer searches for it than “boat,” will be much higher than they are for the keyword “boat.”  As you increase sales, you might consider targeting the keyword “boat,” in the future, just to test it out and see if your thinking was accurate.

That’s All There is to Keyword Research for Internet Marketing in Philadelphia

The next part of the process is having links to your site built, which help you rank higher on Google.  As you rank higher on Google, then more traffic, and sales, will come in to your site.  To scale your online business, simply target more keywords, and more accurately identify what value your company offers customers that encourages them to buy.

If you’d like help growing your business, even in this down economy, then contact Devenia and let us help you perform SEO in Philadelphia.


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