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Even in a down economy, it’s possible to get more qualified leads with SEO in Omaha.  The overall economy impacts how people spend their money, but you can still find small niches of people searching for particular terms that want to buy the products or services your business offers.

Learn How to Find Keywords That Work

When it comes to search engine optimization in Omaha, the key is finding keywords with low competition that you can rank for quickly, but that also have a high likelihood of people wanting to purchase your products or services.

Take a look at this keyword: “kids toys”

From, you can quickly learn that this term receives 550,000 global monthly searches (across the entire planet) and 246,000 local monthly searches (Local means local to your nation.  In this case, that’s the United States.)  But, before we start analyzing the effectiveness of this keyword, it’s important to understand one key point first:

  • Most SEOs believe Adwords inflates the number of monthly searches, sometimes dramatically, to get you excited to pay more for the Adwords PPC service, Google’s primary source of revenue

Analyzing “Kids Toys”

The next step in the process for internet marketing in Omaha is to look at how effective that keyword really is.  While you know “kids toys” may not necessarily have 246,000 searches, you can safely assume it’s searched 100,000 times or more per month in the United States.

If your goal is to rank and grow your revenues soon, that keyword is way too competitive.  It could take years to rank anywhere where you would make serious money off of the term.

However, take a look at the keyword “kids toys storage.”  This keyword has 4,400 global monthly searches and 2,400 local monthly searches.  These numbers might also be inflated, but one thing we do know:  there’s much less competition for this keyword than there is for “kids toys.”

Because of less competition, you can safely assume you will rank higher and get there faster if you target this keyword.  Plus, if you do sell storage for children’s toys, you do know that people searching for that term will have a higher likelihood of buying your storage products than they would if they searched on “kids toys.”

Repeat & Test

That’s all there is to internet marketing in Omaha!  By micro-targeting several less competitive keywords where people are more likely to purchase, you are more likely to make profits in a faster time frame.  But, the  problem is that it takes tons of work by a skilled link-builder to help push your site up the rankings.

If you would like to learn more about search engine optimization in Omaha, contact Devenia with your questions  and let us know how we can help.


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