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Everything’s done online today – including the marketing of your business.  You see, a website has replaced your physical storefront.  Most people come into contact with your business online first before ever walking through your doors, if necessary.

As a result, it’s important to be where they are so you can earn their business right away.  Where are people online?  Well, Google keeps an 80% market share of US search traffic and a 90% market share of global traffic.  So, that’s the place to be.  Then, the top three results on the first page of Google account for 60% of all traffic for that search term.  Position one accounts for 30%, position two 20%, and position three 10%.  98% of all traffic for a certain keyword comes from the first page of Google.

So, it’s pretty clear you want to be in those top three positions of Google and number one if possible.  How do you get there?  SEO in Fresno.

How SEO in Fresno Helps you Rank Highly

There are a number of strategies for growing your rankings in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.  Basically, they all boil down to getting as many high-quality links as possible.  “Link earning,” where other sites give you links because of their own choosing, is gaining importance in the eyes of Google.  You can still “build” links by posting them to relevant websites, but the value these links are producing is decreasing.

As those links are built, your rankings in Google grow.  But, the key to internet marketing in Fresno is to grow your links at a steady pace.  Build 2000 links in a week, and Google will become very suspicious of your site.  Build 30 per week for 52 weeks, and Google will love you much more.

And, each link has to be built on a reputable website and contain anchor text relevant to your keywords!  Anyone performing search engine optimization in Fresno knows that you have to be very careful with link building.  It’s all about quality, not quantity.  Then, once you have that number one ranking on Google after several months (or years) of link building, ongoing links are required to keep y our position.  If you don’t do it on an ongoing basis, your competitors will eventually overtake you.

Why perform Search Engine Optimization in Fresno?

Once you rank on that first page of Google, you receive more leads, conversions, and sales.  Is there anything else really to say?  Then, as you climb up the rankings, you get even more sales.  Real-world advertising is still useful, but internet marketing in Fresno has overtaken it, and will continue to gain importance into the future.

On a cost-per-lead basis, SEO in Fresno is the most cost-effective form of marketing – even moreso than radio, print, or billboard advertising.

If you are interested in performing search engine optimization in Fresno, contact Devenia and ask us all of your questions!

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