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You probably have an idea that getting found online is something your business should do.  But, you aren’t quite sure it’s for you yet.  So, you’re doing some research, which is a good idea before you step into anything new.  Internet marketing in Paterson effectively helps any business grow, including ones struggling in a down economy.  Let Devenia show you how this works.

Target Highly Qualified Niches

If you haven’t attempted search engine optimization in Paterson yet, you’ve probably tried the traditional marketing methods:  signs, sponsorships, television, radio, and billboards.

What do you know about the people passing in front of these advertising mediums?  Not a whole heck of a lot.  You might know the type of customer that tends to frequent the area.  You might have a good idea of who watches a television show or listens to the radio at a certain hour of the day.  But who knows if they are looking for the product or service your business sells?

Now, imagine you had a really good idea someone was searching for your business’s products or services.  Say they type in the keyword “London architect.”  You know almost exactly what they are searching for – an architect in the London area.  What you don’t know is what kind of architect – residential, commercial, luxury, or maybe an entire firm.  In that case, you could target the term “London residential architect.”

Do you see how knowing the words people are typing in to find a certain product or service give you a nearly crystal-clear idea of what they are really looking for?

So now, the question becomes,”How do you get a presence for that keyword?”

Search Engine Optimization in Paterson Helps you Get Found for Your Targeted Keywords

SEO itself is a profession, just like a carpenter fixes or builds houses for a living.  An SEO professional’s job is to get you ranking for your targeted keywords.  It’s not a precise science because no one knows exactly how Google calculates how its search rankings – its formula is made of 200 factors and is kept top-secret, even from its own employees.

But, if you target a group of keywords, say 5-10 or so, and you work at them really hard for 4-6 months, you can expect to be on the first page of Google for some of those keywords.  98% or so of all web traffic comes from the first page of Google, so that’s why it’s important to be on that first page.

A professional performing SEO in Paterson helps you identify keywords that are easy to convert, and then assists with you on-site optimization, while helping you build links from other sites, which are the primary factor in growing your search engine rankings.

The Net Result of SEO in Paterson?  Increased Revenues

Once you rank on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords, then you start receiving those additional inquiries and purchases.  It’s not difficult, but it is time consuming.

If you have any questions regarding search engine optimization, contact Devenia and let us know how we can help.

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