Dispelling Some of the Myths Surrounding SEO in Lansing


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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to stop by the home page of Devenia, a company performing search engine optimization in Lansing and internet marketing in Lansing and serving customers from around the globe.  With the assistance of our services, we believe that we can help your company stand out from all the rest.  Today, however, we’d like to help you learn some of the myths surrounding SEO in Lansing.  Without any further discussion, here are some more of the popular myths:

A Guaranteed Top Ranking on Google.  Many companies performing search engine optimization in Lansing and internet marketing in Lansing claim that they can help your site receive a “number one ranking on Google.”  Unfortunately, this type of guarantee is far from the truth. At Devenia, we realize that Google’s algorithm is incredibly complex and changes monthly, making it very difficult to accurately project where your site will finally rank. We can promise you that we will help your site to rank higher than it currently does, however, that’s as accurate as anyone can be at this point.

A High Google Page Rank Means High Rankings.  Having a higher page rank is always a good thing. However, the relationship between your site’s page rank and it’s actual ranking at Google are two very different things. We have seen very high page ranks actually rank lower than sites with much lower page ranks for the exact same keyword.

Whatever Google or Matt Cutts says is the Gospel Truth.  Unfortunately, companies performing search engine optimization in Lansing and internet marketing in Lansing sometimes pay a little too much attention to what Google says about search engine optimization. Keep in mind that google is ultimately a profit making institution concerned with the health of its bottom line. Therefore, it will say what it needs to say in order to protect its own interests. And, that may or may not reflect what it is really doing in regard to SEO.

There are Short-Cuts to the Top of Google’s Rankings.  This statement is in fact true. However, in order to get to the top, companies performing search engine optimization in Lansing must engage in “Black-Hat SEO Tactics.”  Black-Hat SEO tactics are ways of cheating your website to the top of Google’s rankings. Google is extremely adept at detecting cheaters, and if your site is one of them, then you will either be penalized or banned from Google’s rankings entirely. It can take literally years to recover from one of Google’s penalties.

The Final Word Regarding Search Engine Optimization in Lansing

The bottom line regarding SEO in Lansing and internet marketing in Lansing is that it is best to work with a firm you trust. At Devenia, our main objective is to earn your trust. Interested in our services? Contact Devenia today!

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