Debunking Many of the Myths about Search Engine Optimization in Texas


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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to visit the modest web site of Devenia, an honest and down-to-earth firm performing search engine optimization in Texas and internet marketing in Texas.  Unfortunately, SEO as a profession does not have any standards-making body, and this can result in a wide variety of quality of service from one company to the next.  So, without any further discussion, what are some of the myths and challenges regarding the SEO industry today?

Guaranteed #1 rank on Google.  Many companies performing SEO in Texas and internet marketing in Texas lead users to believe that they can guarantee the #1 ranking on Google.  Unfortunately, this type of marketing must be categorized as “hype,” as it is not possible to make this guarantee.  Why?  First, Google’s methodology for determining the rankings is far too complex to understand well enough where you can make this guarantee.  Second, it can take many months, even years, before you rank #1 on Google for intensely competitive terms.

Keyword density is not important.  To some extent this is true.  It’s definitely not precise.  Too high of a keyword density scares visitors away.  Too low of a keyword density, and how is Google supposed to understand what your topic is?

Old knowledge is relevant.  In the realm of SEO in Texas, “old” can mean just a few months ago.  Google’s algorithm changes monthly, if not more, and sometimes it changes drastically!  When reading literature, be sure you’re reading something new, as older tips may no longer be relevant.

The more back links, the better.  Back links are still huge when discussing search engine optimization in Texas and internet marketing in Texas, however, the quality of the back link is the most important.  A few back links from high authority sites in your niche are worth more than dozens of back links from low-authority sites.

A high Page Rank equals high rankings.  Having a high page rank is definitely a good thing, however, sites aren’t ranked on Google according to Page Rank.  Although it’s true that if you have a higher Page Rank, you’ll most likely have a higher search engine ranking, it’s not a guarantee.

The META keywords tag is important.  Through Matt Cutts, Google’s SEO expert, Google disclosed a couple of years ago that this tag is no longer relevant.  SEO people should be worried about placing keywords in the Title tag and the META description tag.

There are short-cuts to the top.  Short-cuts, typically called “Black-Hat SEO Tactics,” are unfortunately performed by unscrupulous firms performing search engine optimization in Texas and internet marketing in Texas.  Fortunately, however, Google is adept at catching cheaters.  While these firms can get you to rank highly in a short amount of time, it’s also true that once you’re caught, you may be banned from Google’s rankings entirely.  It can also take several years to recover from other penalties Google may assess.

The Final Word Regarding SEO in Texas

Search engine optimization in Texas and internet marketing in Texas are two processes that can help your site’s growth dramatically, but they must be done in a legitimate way.  With the assistance of Devenia, however, your site’s growth will boom! Contact Devenia Today!

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