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Read more about how search engine optimization, social media marketing and advertising in the search engines can help your business grow faster in San Diego than ever before.

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If your business is hurting, believe it or not, it can be saved – no matter how bleak the outlook is.  That’s the truth!  How is this possible?    Take a few moments to learn how to perform SEO in San Diego, so you can take a hurting business back to a healthy level, or push your current business to the head of the pack.

Search Engine Optimization Increases Your Exposure

Traditional marketing’s main purpose was to position your company as a valuable asset to people using flyers, brochures, posters, sponsorships, television, radio, and billboards, among many other forms of print advertising.  In the digital age – search engine optimization in San Diego, or internet marketing (as it can also be called), does the exact same thing, except it increases your exposure online.

Why should you care so much about becoming visible online?  That’s simple – most people look online for the businesses, products, and services they need first.  Estimates vary, but somewhere between 70 to 90% of consumers research products and services (including local ones) online first.  Basically, by the time they walk through your door, they’ve already made the decision to purchase!  So, you want to catch them at the beginning of their process of deciding to buy – when they begin researching online.

So, if Most People Look Online First, How do You Make Sure they Find your Company?

That’s easy – search engine optimization in San Diego.  SEO in San Diego is something you can do on your own, but it’s literally a full-time job in itself.  There are more and less effective ways of performing the process so you rank highly in Google.  Google ranks websites with an algorithm, and that algorithm is composed of 200 or more factors, experiences 12,000 changes (with about 200 of those getting implemented), and it’s kept totally top-secret!  So, you can see why just the research (not including the execution) is enough to stay on top of.

What’s important to you, however, is to be ranking on the first page of Google.  SEO in San Diego aims to do this because 97% of all web traffic comes from the first page of Google.  Ranking on the second page is no different than ranking on the last page.  Once you rank on that first page of Google, then the traffic, and sales, start pouring in!  If you performed good keyword research, you can laser-target market segments that are hot right now, so your business can make sales and start profiting in the very near future.

Can Internet Marketing in San Diego Help Your Business Grow Immediately?

SEO in San Diego can help your business grow in the very near future, but it’s a bit unrealistic to expect it to begin taking effect within the next few weeks.  To rank highly in Google, it takes some hard, and careful work (if you break Google’s rules, you can get your sight banned permanently from its results pages).  Generally, you can expect beginning results in 3 months, improved results in 6, and slightly better results each quarter after that.  It’s best to have realistic expectations, and realistically, you can expect SEO in San Diego to become a substantial asset to your business within 6 months.

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