Clarifying Some of the Hype Surrounding SEO in Springfield


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Thanks for taking the time to stop by the home page of Devenia, a company performing search engine optimization in Springfield and internet marketing in Springfield.  With the assistance of our services, we can help your company become a leader in its own niche.  Unfortunately, there is much hype and misinformation swirling around the field of SEO in Springfield today.   We’d like to help you understand what is more realistic, so that you can help your business plan accordingly.  Without any further discussion, here some of the more popular myths:

  1. A Guaranteed Top Rank on Google.  Many companies performing search engine optimization in Springfield and internet marketing in Springfield will guarantee the top rank on Google.  In one respect, this can be true, as getting a top rank on a non-competitive keyword isn’t all that difficult.  However, your site still won’t receive all that much traffic from that term.  In another respect, however, this is marketing hype.  It is possible to help your site move up the list for many keywords, but Google’s methodology for ranking websites is complex, kept top-secret, and it changes monthly, so any promise that you will receive a particular Google ranking is probably designed to get you in the door.
  2. A High Page Rank Means High Rankings.  There is no doubt that the higher your Page Rank at Google, the better.  However, the relationship between Page Rank and your site’s actually ranking for a particular keyword at Google are two very different things.  It is possible for you to have a higher page rank than someone else, and yet still not be listed ahead of them in the rankings.
  3. Whatever Google or Matt Cutts says is the Truth.  The bottom line is that Google is a large corporation and ultimately, it is most concerned with its own survival.  Therefore, Google and its’ most popular spokesman, Matt Cutts, will say whatever is needed in order to protect Google’s best interests.  And, what is said may or may not actually match what happens.  People interested in SEO in Springfield and internet marketing in Springfield must be aware of this as they begin their respective SEO strategies.
  4. There are Short-Cuts to the Top of the Rankings.  This in fact is true.  Commonly called “Black-Hat SEO Tactics,” shortcuts to the top of Google’s rankings are abundant.  However, Google either penalizes websites engaging in these tactics or bans sites from its rankings entirely.  Google is also very adept at detecting whether or not your site has engaged in any “Black-Hat SEO Tactics,” and when it does, it will take your site years to recover from the resulting penalties.

The Final Word Regarding Search Engine Optimization in Springfield

The bottom line regarding SEO in Springfield and internet marketing in Springfield is that it is best to go with a firm that you trust and that looks out for your best interests.  At Devenia, we charge you a fee based that increases as your site ranks higher at Google at the beginning of the month.  This ties your best interests to ours, as we profit when you rank.  Interested in our services? Contact Devenia Today!

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