If you use a certain keyword search, would you be on the first page of google for a whole month or forever?

ec3db70b2af61c3e81584d04ee44408be273ead110b8174491f2 640 googleYou need to consider many factors to be able to know the correct answer to that. Like for instance, the age of your website, is it new or old. The current status of your site on the search results before you start the SEO services. Meaning, where is your website on the search results? You also need to check Who you are competing with. Did you do everything right in relation to on site optimization, site structure and content creation…etc?

If you do your part right, this will help us in getting you on the first page for 10 top placements and we will make your placements stable, unless you stop the service with us, if you think that once you reach the first page, you don’t need our services any more.

Now the next question, how do we ensure to keep clients after we reach the top 10 results on the first page, especially that we don’t invoice the client unless we get them on first page, and we don’t invoice them for any work that has led to the first page?

In some cases, once we reach the first page for certain keywords, probably the client will just pay for one month, then he will drop us after first payment, or he may even doesn’t pay the first monthly payment.

We actually had this in mind when we started our payment terms, and we have faced few cases with some opportunistic clients who thought that once they reach the top placements, they will keep it stable on top results forever and they won’t need our services any longer. Despite that we explain to them how it will go if they drop us after they reach the top results.

Many clients think that reaching the top 10 placements is what this is all about and they don’t really think about how top placements are kept stable on the first page. This is the work we do for them, not only to reach top placements but also to keep it stable.

With this payment term, we don’t risk much, but it is the client who’s actually the loser in this case, because we know what kind of results we can achieve, so we actually are not risking that much, beside that we love what we do.

To keep top placements, you need a steady flow of natural links coming in because this is what your competitors are going to do. It can’t be too many, and it can’t be too few.

Also something very important you need to know which is the age of the links. The age of the links plays a big role in this, the older the link gets, the more value gets to it.

It’s a bit like good wine: the older it gets, the better it tastes and the more value it has.

Last Updated on January 22, 2017 by Bjorn Solstad

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