How can SEO Help a Veterinarian Grow his or her Business?

As a veterinarian, you know how much you depend on your local reputation to run  your business.  Word-of-mouth, advertising, and general consumer awareness of animal health are all factors helping your business grow.  However, people are increasingly finding the resources they need online first, instead of through friends or neighbors.

How do you get your name out there online?  There must be some method to the madness.  If you assumed there is a science, then you are absolutely correct.  The name of the science is “SEO” or “internet marketing.”  “SEO” tends to refer more to the idea of increasing your website’s visibility to the search engines, ultimately resulting in higher rankings and more targeted traffic.  “Internet marketing” is a little more general, and refers more to the idea of reaching people online who are interested in your services and converting them into customers.

How does SEO work for Local Businesses?  

For a local business, a search engine optimization expert would recommend geo-targeting.  This fancy-sounding term really is not all that complicated.  Basically, they would help you optimize your site for terms like “veterinary clinic [Suburb name].”  Then they would target many of the local suburb and community names in your area.

You could expect a decent conversion rate because people who are searching for those terms know exactly what they want.  If they just typed in “veterinary clinic,” yours would be hard to find because there are thousands of them all over the place.  It would also cost you much more money and take much more time to rank for a more broad term.

If you optimize for ten keywords or so, you will experience the following results:

  1. Increased reputation in the local community
  2. More customer inquiries and visits
  3. Enhanced levels of profitability

As a veterinarian, you stand to benefit substantially!  No internet marketing expert will promise how far your company will grow, but a reasonable one would say with a high degree of confidence that they could help your company grow by more than the amount of money you invested in their search engine optimization services.

It’s not uncommon to see businesses grow by several times after receiving search engine optimization services.  But, keep in mind this is not a guarantee – it’s important to have realistic expectations.

What Else Might an SEO Expert Recommend?

A search engine optimization expert would also recommend you solicit positive customer reviews for your site.  People find local businesses using business directories like Yelp and Angie’s List.  And, guess what happens when they use Google Maps?  Customer reviews of your site appear at the same time!  Get some positive reviews for your site, and then watch for the positive results!

An internet marketing expert may also recommend a blog.  Blogs are powerful marketing tools that generate long-term sales.  How?  When you blog and provide people with free information about pet care, this builds trust.  People buy from those they know, like, and trust.  It doesn’t happen over night, but a blog can generate substantial long-term sales for many different kinds of businesses.

The Time for Internet Marketing is Now!

Search engine optimization is powerful and can help your business grow substantially.  If you aren’t doing it now, your competitors will eventually overtake you.  Find the right service as soon as possible so you can take your business to the next level!

Last Updated on October 24, 2020 by Bjorn Solstad

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