How can Real Estate Brokers Benefit from SEO?

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The fact is that every business type, not just real estate brokers, can benefit from an SEO strategy. So, why isn’t everyone doing it?  The simple fact is that not everyone knows how powerful internet marketing really is.  You can literally make thousands of dollars in additional profits when you rank highly for your targeted keywords.

The level of success you experience is somewhat random, however.  SEO is not a precise science.  A good company is confident they can get you ranking high for your targeted keywords, but a smart company never promises you a particular ranking.  Why?  Because no one knows Google’s algorithm specifically, and it’s incredibly complex (it’s made of more than 200 factors) so it’s impossible for anyone to know exactly what you need to do in order to rank higher.

But, a good internet marketing company can get you ranking highly on the first page of Google in the span of a few months.  Then, once you’re ranked on the first page, you will notice much more traffic coming to your site, and of course sales.

Other business, and real estate brokers, simply are not as aware of how much money you can make by ranking highly in Google.  They are more used to traditional marketing methods involving word-of-mouth advertising, signs, and good-old-fashioned networking.  And, they probably don’t realize the extreme extent to which people are looking for businesses, products, and services they need online first.

Consider how much one sale is worth for you.  You probably stand to make several thousand, if not much more, on one sale.  Now, consider that at the most, it costs you somewhere around $100 per month to rank in the top Google position for your keyword.  To rank number one for one keyword for the entire year would cost you $1200.  And, you are sure to make at least one sale from the internet leads generated for your company.  And, this is a sale you would not have been able to make on your own, so your net profit will be somewhere into the thousands of dollars.

Now the question becomes, “Why are you not doing SEO or internet marketing?”  It seems rather silly you aren’t!  And, the best thing is that if you get into the game right now, you’re beating the competition by doing so.  Not everyone is using a search engine optimization company at this point, although most will be in the near future.

So, now you’ve learned how SEO works – think about what’s holding you back from starting sooner rather than later.

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