Google knows things about you and so do I!

2010-09-23-20.18.20-Clipboard-225x300I hope you enjoy reading this post, while you are having your morning coffee!

There you are, sitting behind that little box of yours, navigating and surfing on the Internet. Looking for some breaking shitty world news, or perhaps some useful information in different fields, or some scandals and naked photos or porn sites maybe!

And you really think that posting a fake name and a picture on a profile or a page on the social medias, is keeping you as anonymous to others?

You think that you can sit on your chair, type whatever you want and nobody is watching what you are doing at that moment?

Well, the bad news is, you are totally wrong.

Google knows things about you and so do I! I don’t  work for Google, I work for Devenia and I know what you are doing through our statistics and StatCounter details.

Here is a list of what Google knows about you:

  • Your physical street address, can be easily known through the various google maps search you are performing.
  • It can also be known through the google adsense filling forms.
  • Your phone number that is used for signup verification for Gmail and other various services on the internet that require your cell phone registry for verification.
  • Personal details, When you click on a web page that has google Adsense on it and through all different signup forms of Google various services.
  • Your Country, your capital, your internet service provider, your IP address (and every time your IP Address is changing), your typing search words on the search engine, the date, the exact time, your download activities, every single detail about what you do on each web page that you visit.
  • Your full name, your address, your bank accounts details, when you get a google Adsense on your blog/site, also through their many services signup forms.
  • The IP address of everyone who visits your pages with Adsense ads on them and the The number of visitors to each of your pages with Adsense ads on them.
  • Your Gmail account and Who you send emails to, Who sends emails to you,The contents of those emails, The contents of all emails received from any mailing lists of which you are a member, even if they are private mailing lists.
  • Even if you don’t use a GMail account, The contents of any emails you send to anyone who does use a GMail account,
  • The contents of any emails you send to any mailing lists of which any one member uses a GMail account.
  • If you’re a member of Orkut, Your online social network, interests and groups.

Now, what can you do about it? Enjoy your coffee!

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