Why Google analytics sucks?

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I had a conversation with a possible client recently about Google analytics, and when I suggested to him to use statcounter instead of Google analytics, he asked me to explain further. So, I explained to him that we don’t use Google Analytics. Instead, we use Statcounter because it gives us usable and actionable data. Google …

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Penguin 2.0 is out

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Working on close to 4000 search phrases in a broad array of areas, I obviously get nervous when Google rolls out a new update of it’s search algorithm. This update dubbed Penguin 2.0 is no exception. So far it has not been many days since it became active, but I can already see placements repositioning …

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Why Should a Surgeon Care about Search Engine Optimization?

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As a surgeon, you already enjoy a fairly high degree of success.  You don’t need many assistants to help you do what you.  You enjoy your living.  BUT…you are also the ambitious type and have considered growing your practice.  How do you do that?  There are many different methods of advertising available…radio, the internet, newspapers, …

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Taking VirtueMart to the top of Google

taking virtuemart to the top of google

What does it take to get top placements in the search engines with a VirtueMart-based website? Below is a step-by-step guide on what to do to improve your rankings. The first thing you need to look at, is the URL’s in the shop. You need to turn on search friendly URL’s in Joomla. Without doing …

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Performing Keyword Research 101: The Basics

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As we’ve talked with many clients, one common issue often encountered is keyword research.  Currently, Devenia does not offer this service.  Although no clients have expressed their frustration regarding this, it’s pretty reasonable to imagine some are somewhat irritated by this fact.  Right now, our resources are strapped, and we just cannot feasibly offer this …

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