Why Should a Surgeon Care about Search Engine Optimization?

As a surgeon, you already enjoy a fairly high degree of success.  You don’t need many assistants to help you do what you.  You enjoy your living.  BUT…you are also the ambitious type and have considered growing your practice.  How do you do that?  There are many different methods of advertising available…radio, the internet, newspapers,

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Performing Keyword Research 101: The Basics

As we’ve talked with many clients, one common issue often encountered is keyword research.  Currently, Devenia does not offer this service.  Although no clients have expressed their frustration regarding this, it’s pretty reasonable to imagine some are somewhat irritated by this fact.  Right now, our resources are strapped, and we just cannot feasibly offer this

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How can SEO Help an Electrician Grow his Business?

How would you like to grow your business many times for just a small cost?  If you are the enterprising type, then take a minute and learn about SEO. What is Search Engine Optimization? As an electrician, you may or may not have heard of this term.  You probably know about advertising on the internet,

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