How reliable are the rank checking tools

How reliable are the rank checking tools?

From my own experience, I can tell you for definite that the one and only tool that really works with accuracy, is the manual checking. Of course, the rank checking tools whether the free or the paid ones are easier and faster to use, but they are not really accurate especially if you’re in charge of

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on site optimization

We don’t do on site optimization because we believe that our clients will always be better in describing their products and services than we will. What an optimizer does? Does he invent text content or ideas? Certainly not. An optimizer works on optimizing the content or the text you already have and that you have

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Why am I behind competition for certain keywords or phrases?

Why am I behind competition for certain keywords or phrases? I’m sure many out there are repeatedly asking this question.  There are many reasons for this and the most important one is that many of you are too lazy or unwilling to get the job done correctly from your side, especially when it comes to text, content optimization,

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We accept Bitcoin

Many of our international customers are annoyed by the high fees they have to pay when they pay invoices from us with a bank transfer. This is because our bank is Lloyd’s Bank in London, and this means it will be handled via the SWIFT system or SEPA that banks use internationally. Naturally, this entails not

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How does seo help a small business compete?

Short answer: it helps you get higher in the search results lists of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and others. In other words, you become visible where people search. With correct use of title and description tags on your website you will then get clicks from people searching on the net for your

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