4 SEO Myths to Look out For

seo myths

The world of search engine optimization is untamed and wild – companies are doing dramatically different things.  Most companies try to do the right thing, but every industry has its fly-by-night types just waiting to get their hands on your money and run off with it.  Still others provide you with some “quick wins” so …

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Are You Protecting Your Website from These Google Updates

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In the last weeks of October and the first weeks of November, Google released four separate updates, which affected the rankings of many websites.  Matt Cutts, Google’s head SEO spokesman, had been warning the SEO community about these updates for some time.  What were those updates and how did they affect websites?  Learn more about them …

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SEO: Optimize for Clicks, as Well as Rankings

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As Devenia has grown as an SEO company, we’ve expanded our ability to provide value to our clients.  Our core expertise lies in helping websites rank highly for their targeted keywords, and to that end we have been very successful.  In addition, we’ve also been helping our customers optimize their conversions. Our experience has been …

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4 Reasons Business Blogging is Essential

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If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know how we advocate link-building as being the primary driver of SEO.  And, the reason for that is because that’s the case.  Other factors are growing and diminishing in important, but right now, and in the future, back link building gives you the greatest bang for …

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How can Internet Marketing Help a Salesman Increase his Profits?

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As a salesman, you always want to increase your sales, but what is another method that can help you in addition to the networking and cold calling you currently do?  The answer, my friend, is internet marketing.  Anyone who wants to can perform their own search engine optimization, but unfortunately, it’s becoming very complex to …

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Why Doctors Looking to Grow their Patient Base Should Consider SEO

doctor patient entering

Professionals well-established and experience in their careers may not be aware of the benefits of search engine optimization.  However, for doctors looking to grow their patient base and the size of their practice, search engine optimization (SEO) presents the most effective solution. Fortunately, search engine optimization doesn’t require a huge budget to get started.  You …

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How can Real Estate Brokers Benefit from SEO?

8574889017 be0a3bb900 m Real Estate Broker

The fact is that every business type, not just real estate brokers, can benefit from an SEO strategy. So, why isn’t everyone doing it?  The simple fact is that not everyone knows how powerful internet marketing really is.  You can literally make thousands of dollars in additional profits when you rank highly for your targeted …

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How can Auditors Benefit from Search Engine Optimization?

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The truth is, no matter what type of self-employed professional or business you are, you can benefit from search engine optimization, internet marketing, or digital marketing, whatever you would like to call it.  People generally mean the same thing with all of the terms, although in a technical sense they cover different aspects of online …

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