4 Great Ways to Get Qualified Traffic to Your Website

website photoWhen you start seeing results to your website – speaking about traffic – that’s a very exciting thing!   Whenever you affect the real world in a new way you didn’t before, that’s a very motivating experience.  But, one of the big challenges with internet traffic lies in attracting traffic to your website that actually converts.  Getting any traffic is easy.

Today, we’ll share some tips with you for attracting highly qualified traffic to your website:

Search Engine Optimization

This is the best, long-term way of attracting traffic to your site.  The higher your rankings, the more people trust you, and the more they visit. SEO takes at least 3 months or so to drive additional traffic, but once it gets to your website, then you really start raking in highly qualified traffic. The key lies in picking the right keywords that people are actually using to find your business, so make sure to do thorough keyword research first.


This one requires a little more work on your part.  But, what you do is find some industry leaders in your niche who have 50,000, 100,000 or more followers.  Follow their followers, and most of them will follow you back.  Then, tweet irresistible offers and free content, and eventually some of those prospects will convert.  It’s like having complete access to a company’s prospect list, and best of all, it’s totally free.

Request Links from Niche Leaders

Yes, this gives you a back link, which is helpful for SEO purposes, but you can use this methodology to get traffic to you.  Above all, make sure you maintain a professional approach – don’t just spam a number of websites and see what happens.  You can maximize your chances of success by writing a personally-addressed e-mail complimenting the owner of the website, and perhaps offering a tip or two to improve its appearance/functionality.  Discuss how a link to you would benefit them and provide a best method for contacting you.  If your website has high quality content, you should experience a high conversion rate using this tactic.

Guest Blog

This may be the best way of getting long-term, highly-qualified traffic.  It takes a ton of time though, but basically what you will do is approach blogging leaders in your niche with interesting guest posts for their blog.  At the entry level, it’s pretty easy to land these opportunities.  However, for the bigger blogs, it takes some relationship-building.  But, when you finally get that post published, you can get thousands of qualified visits in the coming months.  Some blogs have built their entire growth strategy on guest blogging.

Give them a Method to Stay in Touch

Once you have all of these tactics in place, one great key to keep in mind is to give people a way of staying in touch.  This can mean creating a blog, but it can also mean creating a free report that gives them specific, actionable steps your target market can use to solve a problem they’re having.  In exchange for the report, you’ll ask for their e-mail address, and you will follow up regularly with helpful, interesting information and special offers.  It’s a great way to “soft-sell” people and get them to buy your services over the long haul.

Last Updated on March 16, 2015 by Dan Stelter

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