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Second site up!


Our second site (www.devenia.com) is then moved from Joomla to WordPress. The transition went pretty well and you are now seeing the result.

The main point of moving everything from Joomla to WordPress is the fact that Google really loves WordPress for some reason. I have actually not quite figured out why they love WP so much, but it makes sense to go for the Content Management system that is “preferred” by Google when rankings in the serps is obviously our main focus.

The next step is getting the third English site of our over to WP. Will have that done in a few days.

When we have all sites up and running with WordPress, the next step is to get the blog posts from devenia.com synchronized with the other sites. I have found a neat little plugin that I believe will do the job.

What is your experience? Does Google love WordPress more than other CMS’s?

%name Second site up!

Bjørn Are Solstad

Bjorn Solstad is a Search Marketing Expert and Chief Executive Officer in Devenia.
%name Second site up!
%name Second site up!

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Bjørn Are SolstadSecond site up!

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